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10 Reasons Why? Gaining Weight on Vegan Diet!

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What is a Vegan Diet?

With changing lifestyles and diets for proper weight management more and
more people have now decided to go vegan for various health reasons. The vegan
diet has various health benefits which include proper maintenance of blood
sugar and heart health. It may also help you lose some weight pounds.

Types of Vegan Diets

1. Raw food Vegan Diet – This type of weekend diet is based on raw food like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, or plant foods cooked below 48°C.

2. Whole food Vegan Diet – whole food vegan diet includes a wide variety of plant foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains, and legumes.

3. 80/10/10 Diet – 80/10/10 Diet is a type of raw food that includes fat-rich plant-like nuts and avocados and depends mainly on soft greens and raw fruits.

4. Thrive Diet – The thrive vegan diet is a wholesome raw food vegan diet. This includes plant-based whole foods that are cooked at low temperatures.

5. Junk food- Junk food vegan diet excludes whole plant foods and relies on cheese, fries, vegan desserts, and other processed vegan food.

Gaining weight on a Vegan Diet?

Wondering why are you gaining weight on a plant-based vegan diet? Here’s why!

No doubt a vegan diet provides a variety of health benefits which includes a low risk of heart disease and obesity. But this vegan diet of plant-based foods exclusive of animal products with a great number of fats and carbohydrates can result in weight gain.

Most people switch to a vegetarian diet for losing weight when they give up on all other alternatives for weight loss. Even if you have adopted a vegan diet you must be very careful and aware of its consequences. This weight loss routine you are relying upon may be one of the reasons for you turning obese.


Common Reasons for gaining weight on a vegan diet.

Opting for processed Vegan-friendly foods

As processed vegan foods are easily available in the market they may appear convenient and reliable. These processed foods mainly contain hidden sugars, inadequate food additives, and refined cards which lack real nutrients. Processed foods contain excess sugars, salt, and unhealthy fat. When people tend to eat more than the usual home-cooked food thinking that they’re going vegan they’re leading an unhealthy path.

Relying on High-Calorie Carbohydrates

You may find different vegan food items easily available in the market. Be it vegan cheese for pizza or a packet of vegan pasta. But are these healthy? They are not. Not because they are a rich source of high-calorie carbohydrates. Plant-based diets whether they are vegan or not must contain whole-grain carbohydrates. Vegetables and fruits are also rich sources of carbohydrates.

Underlying Hormonal malfunction

Hormonal malfunction includes imbalanced estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, and thyroid hormone which leads to unwanted weight gain. Low thyroid is a common cause of gaining weight that may be the root cause of obesity.

Skipping meals

If you aren’t eating enough your metabolism will eventually slow down. Deciding to get vegan and putting it into action is difficult. It is recommended to always make sure you are eating healthy and enough which makes you feel satisfied. Skipping meals and not having enough food may have adverse effects on the health. Eating too little for instance can slow down the thyroid which eventually causes weight gain.

Drinking calories

Juices, lattes, and other tetra pack drinks are the source of hundreds of calories. This can ultimately lead to overall weight gain.

Junk Vegan

Currently, the craze of going vegan is spreading worldwide. Plant-based desserts are easily available everywhere, ranging from vegan mayonnaise and yogurt to doughnuts. Non-meat eaters must enjoy treats and desserts too. This may ultimately harm your health and weight. Before consuming any Junk food you must do some research beforehand and try doing it at your home.


When you have tried every other way to lose your weight but you couldn’t, getting vegan is the last option you choose. Jumping into this diet regime for weight loss without proper guidance can make it very cumbersome to make it a success. If you’ve decided to go vegan, proper planning of meals is very much essential. This helps you to balance your meals with the appropriate quantity of nutrients your body needs.

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