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How Organic Sattu Powder can help increase your weight.

Are you worried about how to increase your weight?

Perhaps we have the solution!Organic Sattu

What is it?

You will be intrigued to know what is the stuff that will help you increase your weight? You will also be thinking about how big a hole in your pocket will be created? Right? Let me assure you, you can sit back at relax. The answer is – Sattu. Yes! You read that correct! You can go ahead and find the container full of Sattu in your kitchen and wonder – “You were the one! Why didn’t I know earlier?”. Jokes apart, if you do not know what Sattu is or is not in use at your geographical location, then no need to worry. Let us take a ride together. You would be absolutely enthralled to know about it. 


In India, Black gram is cultivated mostly as a Kharif crop in the regions of  Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Sattu is prepared from the Black Gram or Desi Chana whatever you may call it. The chana is dry roasted and made into a powder in most regions. In the eastern parts of India, more specifically in Odisha, Sattu is made from almonds, cashew, millet, barley and chickpea. All of these are dry roasted and a texture of flour is generated after finely grinding. The usage of Sattu is not something that has been trending recently, rather it dates back to ancient times. In fact, it is one of the oldest foods in India. Let that sink in.

In earlier days Sattu was made from barley, which is still predominantly found in the Northern parts of India, in contrast to the usage of chana in Bihar or Odisha. What if I tell you that the consumption of Sattu was not limited only within the borders of India, but rather outside as well. Scholars have found out that Sattu has been in use in Tibet as well. Ancient texts suggest that the Middle East enjoyed the benefits of Sattu extensively. Arabs used Sattu at important occasions like marriage, and even traders used Sattu – a very useful ration for long trips through heat and sun. Easy to carry and doesn’t require any prerequisites is what makes Sattu a “fan-favourite” It is an obvious fact that according to different regions, the name of Sattu varied. Kings and Emperors also stored sacks of Sattu for their maritime voyages and during wars. 

Where will I get it?

This is extremely effective for body-builders or gym freaks too. Sattu is a marvellous muscle strengthener. Due to our current lifestyle, we have disappointing food habits. Not boasting, but Foodvez is extremely good at anticipating, what customers need. Hence, it presents you with Organic Sattu Maavu Multi-Grain Millets and Cereals Porridge Mix.

  1. The perfect solution for your problems. If you are slightly on the thinner side, or have lower BMI (Body Mass Index) and looking to increase your bodyweight, then you are absolutely at the right place. Due to our current lifestyle, we have disappointing food habits.
  2. Junks have replaced the nutritious elements in our diet.  This is a “food for thought” – but not anymore. Organic Sattu Maavu Multi-Grain Millets and Cereals Porridge Mix answers all your problems in a healthy yet tasty way. Point to be noted – the problem here is concerned with kids!
  3. Parents have a hard time in maintaining a proper diet for their kids because obviously, they do throw a lot of tantrums – perfectly normal for their age. So, the onus is on the parents themselves to find out an effective solution. Organic Sattu Maavu Multi-Grain Millets and Cereals Porridge Mix provides all-around well-being for the child. 

What’s there in the packet?

Organic Sattu Maavu Multi-Grain Millets and Cereals Porridge Mix gives you a completely homemade feeling and is typically a stage 2 food, which indicates that the kids must have eaten all the nuts and grains previously. This freshly prepared organic Sattu Maavu millet porridge is a one-stop solution for all the dietary requirements of a growing kid. The age range at which this should be served to kids is extremely important because this is the age at which proper growth and development occur. This mix contains organic ragi/finger millet/naachni, Kodo millet, foxtail millet, Bajra/pearl millet, little millet, white rice, dates, almonds, lotus seeds/makhana, watermelon seeds and cardamom. So you can already see the amount of care that has been taken to incorporate each of these substances in the mix.

Why buy this?

Organic Sattu Maavu Multi-Grain Millets and Cereals Porridge Mix contains no added sugar, salt or milk powder. Hence, it is one hundred per cent vegan and is equally suitable if you are allergic to lactose. Allergic to gluten? Don’t worry, there is no gluten as well. Even the cooking time is less than 5 minutes, so your hunger pangs won’t be bothering you too much if you have this in front of you. You can add jaggery from outside to adjust the sweetness. Voila! A tasty plate of nutrition is ready!

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