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Replacing sugar with the best jaggery powder

Are you worried about using sugar in your diet?

Well,  we do have the perfect substitute.

Oh wow! What is it?

As medical science is advancing, it teaches us that one of the greatest enemies that we face is not someone in front of us but it’s right on our plate. Sounds pretty much like a riddle? The answer is really simple –  none other than sugar.  The seemingly innocent and transparent cubes of sugar masquerade as the brand ambassador of sweetness,  but if taken in an unrestricted amount, the cube turns into a sword in a jiffy. Do you want to battle it out? Most probably thinking of cutting off sugar or sweetness from your diet.  What if I say, you can take out sugar from your diet but still maintain sweetness?  Confused, right?  No, I am not talking about any artificial sweeteners that are available on the market. The substance talked about is purely organic and has no side effects. Tadaaa – Organic Khandasari Sugar

Want to know more?

Organic Khandasari Sugar is really organic and derived from liquid jaggery.  Surprised that jaggery is the solution?  Foodvez is great at anticipating needs,  hence it knew you would be facing problems related to your sugar intake.  Hence it has a perfect product in store for you. Aren’t we aware of the proverb –  Old is gold?

Jaggery proves to be the perfect example of that.  Based majorly in the Indian subcontinent,  jaggery or gur has been in use since time immemorial. Mentions of jaggery have always been in ancient Indian texts and of course in the Ayurveda.  Even Sanskrit has a term for jaggery,  known as arkara – this is enough to establish how old jaggery is. In terms of nutritional values, Khandasari sugar is miles Ahead of the usual Brown or white sugar that we use. In different regions of India jaggery is prepared in various ways. In some parts, sugarcane-based jaggery is preferred,  while in the

Eastern parts of India coconut-based or Palm-based jaggery is predominant. As a result, the texture, colour, taste and nutrient content of jaggery is unique for different regions of India.  Making jaggery is an art for sure because of the time and effort that needs to be put in.  Everything is done manually and the role of factories or modern amenities is minimised in most parts of India – these jaggeries taste the best.  Well enough history classes, I believe! Now is the time for knowing the wonders that jaggery brings to the “plate”.

What are the benefits?

Since jaggery has been in use for thousands of years,  it is quite evident that the benefits are innumerable. Suffering from cough, cold or seasonal flu is quite common in our country.  The primary reasons are inadequate immune response and a weaker respiratory system due to extensive pollution and a sedentary lifestyle.

  1. Organic Khandasari Sugar ensures that you have a strong respiratory system and boosts your immunity. It also helps maintain blood pressure at an optimum level.
  2. It is completely safe for people who are looking for weight loss as well. With much lesser calories, jaggery is certainly the best substitute for ordinary sugar.
  3. Diabetic patients often have to deal with a bland life due to a lack of sweetness in their diet,  but with Organic Khandasari Sugar,  no more compromises are to be made.
  4. What if I tell you, that jaggery powder goes perfectly with tea, coffee or sugar as well! If you have the culinary touch in you and want to make heavenly sweets,  tasty shakes or yummy cakes, even then you can add Khandasari Sugar as well! 
  5. it is also said that jaggery powder is extensively useful for people having low haemoglobin count that is anaemic. So, jack of all trades. Isn’t it?

This multipurpose Khandasari sugar marketed by Foodvez is completely natural and physically extracted from liquid jaggery. A completely desi product, bound to make ourselves proud. Rather than buying products from foreign brands, we can rely upon these Indian brands, bringing in the best from the grass root levels and have the potential to fulfil your trust.  Organic Khandasari Sugar is free from all sources of preservatives and harmful chemicals like sulphurs or bleaching agents. It has naturally retained molasses and hence is completely organic. It also provides you with the right amount of energy and maintains the electrolyte balance in your body. Electrolyte balance is basically the fluid balance in our body.  With electrolyte imbalance in our body,  muscle spasms,  convulsions or pH disbalance may occur. As Organic Khandasari Sugar is in powdered form, miscibility will never be an issue. So enjoy your life to the fullest with authentic and healthy Khandasari Sugar. Hurry, Buy it now!

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