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diabetes diet plan

what are you missing in your diet to cure diabetes?

Those who are suffering from diabetes must follow a strict diet plan so that diabetes can’t increase further step. Diabetes can be hereditary and can be developed in one lifespan. We should intake proper and healthy food without increasing our blood sugar levels. As we all know the rise in blood sugar levels causes diabetes.

What is diabetes?

Let’s first understand what is diabetes? Diabetes is a disease that occurs when your blood sugar (blood glucose) is too high. As we eat food from that food we get energy and that energy is stored in the body in form of blood glucose. Insulin which was produced by the pancreas helps the glucose from the food get to every cell. But sometimes less insulin or no insulin is formed because of which glucose stays in the blood only and having too much glucose in the blood causes diabetes. Diabetes isn’t cured able but we can maintain it by maintaining our diet.

There are many types of diabetes:

      1 Type 1 diabetes– in this pancreas produces little or no insulin.

     2 Type 2 diabetes– condition affects the way the body produces blood glucose.

  3 Gestational diabetes– high blood sugar level affecting pregnant women.

Symptoms of diabetes:

For type 1 Diabetes: extreme hunger, frequent urination, tiredness, increased thirst, unintentional weight loss, blurry vision, etc.

For type 2 Diabetes: infections harder to heal, blurry vision, increased urination, increased thirst, increased hunger, tiredness, etc.

Diabetes control diet:

A diabetic patient must follow a strict diet plan and manage healthy eating. By just only managing their diet people can control their diabetes. Healthy eating would lead to a healthy lifestyle. Some of the food diabetic patients must add to their diet:

  • Healthy Fat: the diabetic patient should take healthy fat in replacement for carbohydrates and saturated fats. Healthy fats will help you in controlling the insulin level in your body. You must take healthy fat in the proper way and method so that your body can help you to decrease the level of insulin. Healthy fat sources: fish, fish liver oil, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds, sesame seeds, and walnuts.
  • Healthy Proteins: healthy protein meal mixed with carbohydrates will help you in the secretion of the insulin in your body. And will help in regulating blood glucose. Source: kidney beans, tofu, fish, lentils, chicken, pumpkin seed.
  • Vegetables: as we all know how nutritious vegetables are an intake of vegetables is a must. Vegetables are a rich source of vitamins, proteins, minerals, and fibre. Some vegetables will help control your blood sugar level and weight loss. Sources: peas, cauliflower, brinjal, beetroot, beans, bottle gourd, bitter gourd, spinach.
  • Dairy products (proteins): from dairy products we get proteins such as vitamin D and calcium. Sources: milk, cheese, yoghurt, low-fat sour cream, egg whites, unflavoured soy milk.
  • Fruits: strawberries, tomatoes, orange, blackberries, kiwis, grapefruit, apples, plums.

Diet plan to follow every day:

Following a proper diet plan for a whole day will help the diabetic patient to stay a healthy lifestyle.

  • Early morning: avoid intake of coffee and tea in the early morning as it will destabilize your blood sugar level. Start your day with a detox drink and refreshing drink. You can also take warm water with fenugreek seeds or nuts with the drink.
  • Breakfast: It must be healthy as after this only we start our day. You can eat daily, fresh smoothies, vegetable stuff chapatti with no oil and butter, or a bowl of fresh fruits, eggs, wholegrain wheat bread, poha, and upma.
  • Mid-morning: you can take healthy nuts, and seeds it will satisfy your cravings and also helps you control your blood glucose.
  • Lunch: it should be a big serving of well-cooked servings. Pulses contain rich nutrients. Mong daal is a rich source of proteins. Veggies and daal, chapatti, steamed or grilled meat, quinoa and brown rice are heather options to opt for the lunch.
  • Mid-meal snacks: roasted chana, fruit bowl, jaggery, chivda, and greek yoghurt are the best option for the mid-meal snack. Try to avoid fast food as it will only make a rise in your blood glucose.
  • Dinner: as it is the last day of the meal it should be light and healthy. You can have soup, salad, grilled paneer or tofu eat light food so that it can keep you healthy.

General tips to avoid:

Avoid taking fruit jams and sauces. As they contain preservatives and are not good for health and also increase blood glucose as they contain high sugar levels. You all should avoid eating junk food to maintain good health. Junk food contains high-calorie content. They also contain a flavouring agent. Avoid drinking and also avoid drinking canned juices as they contain a preservative which is not good for diabetic patients. Never skip your breakfast as it is the make source of energy for your whole day. Diabetic patients they make feel cravings for some food and try to control that as it will not good for their health.


Diabetes is becoming common in India. The high blood sugar level is a serious disease as it causes heart attack, blindness and many more.  One should avoid intake of unhealthy and follow a proper diet plan. One diet plan may not help everyone. They should first consult with their doctor before doing anything.

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