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Green tea: a nourishing stimulant for weight loss.

Is consuming traditional tea or coffee restricting you from losing weight? Are you bored of consuming the same old tea or coffee and are finding it difficult to search for another alternative?

Then switch to green tea which is not just healthy but is an ultimate solution for healthy living.  It helps one in staying fit and clearly is completely beneficial for anyone who is looking for a healthy beverage.

Today, staying fit and healthy has become a prime concern. Along with it, the kind of food that is consumed and other practices such as an exercise routine, healthy lifestyle, healthy food habits, etc are also accountable for ensuring that one stays fit. Apart from the regular nutritious diets, green tea is one such beverage that can help one in every possible way particular with respect to maintaining one’s overall health.

What is green tea?

Tea is available in a number of varieties but all are obtained from the same plant. Black, green, white and oolong tea are all manufactured from the Camellia sinensis plant. The leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant are steamed from which green tea is produced. Green tea does undergo a different process unlike the fermentation process that is used in order to make other kinds of tea like oolong or black tea, thus it preserves the antioxidants and nutrients found in the leaves of the plant. Green tea consists of caffeine and a kind of flavonoid called catechin which is known to be an antioxidant.

While in recent times, it has become popular in the West, green tea was extensively used in conventional Chinese medicine to cure several illnesses of headaches to wound- healing.

How is green tea usually consumed?

Consuming 2-3 cups of piping hot green tea in a day should be adequate for boosting weight loss. The amount will differ depending from person to person. Green tea is available in a number of flavours. Specifically, for weight loss, it is suggested to opt for the regular flavour. But drinking flavoured green tea such as lemon, ginger, mint etc is not harmful as they are ingredients which are natural, safe and good for health. One needs to be careful of the amount that is consumed as an excessive amount can create issues for those who are faced with the danger of heart problems or high blood pressure.

Green tea contains an array of varied compounds:

  • B vitamins
  • Folate
  • Magnesium
  • Flavonoids
  • Other antioxidants

How does Green tea aid in weight loss?

  1. Increases metabolism.

Green tea has been publicized for the antioxidant polyphenols it consists of, these compounds are helpful in several ways. According to research, the active ingredient called catechin can increase metabolism. Catechins can help with fat oxidation and thermogenesis, which is the body’s process of producing energy or heat through digestion.

2. Fat is mobilized

In order to melt fat, the fat existing in the cells must be crushed down first and then shifted to the bloodstream. Epigallocatechin gallate is the major catechin out of the four main sorts of catechins accountable for escalating levels of hormones that trigger fat cells leading to the breakdown of fat. Studies also indicate that the calorie-burning effects of green tea are more noticeable while exercising.

3. Combats abdominal fight

Losing visceral fat is regarded as one of the most challenging tasks for many people who aim at getting fitter. Green tea is one such drink that is proven to be one of the most effective solutions in order to burning belly fat. As per research, it can lessen visceral fat by 58%.

4. May help with decreasing appetite

Significantly, green tea is known to limit protein, carbohydrate and fat uptake through this means, effectively lowering carbohydrate and cholesterol intake through this way. Catechin prevents intestinal lipases, hence reducing the absorption of fat and escalating fat excretion. The lipogenic enzymes are further shrunken through the course of thermogenic which aids in subduing appetite.

Choosing the correct green tea is extremely important. One must definitely try out Matcha as it is prepared by grounding the full leaf, thus forming the richest source of antioxidants and nutrients.

Here is a recommendation that will provide clarity on how to make the right green tea product purchase.

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Therefore, consuming green tea is a healthy habit that must be put into practice along with other habits such as diet regimes and regular workouts. . ( Featured image by Medical News Today)

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