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How does a low carb diet cause hair loss?

Are you diligently following good food habits and a diet but still see no difference? Are you disturbed and disappointed by the results caused by the diet plans? Some diet plans if followed in a haphazard way can ruin one’s health.

The issue of hair loss can be solved if one includes all the essential foods which will help in the maintenance and improve the quality of hair. Foods which are rich in protein, vitamin A, C and E should be taken into consideration and consumed on a daily basis.

Staying fit has always been a major concern for many of us. And so is the diet that goes along with it. Sometimes, even after following a thorough diet routine, one may not achieve the desired results. Have we ever wondered, what could have gone wrong while planning a diet chart? At times, one may also tend to get influenced by food regimes followed by others. And this could be one huge mistake while trying to enhance lifestyle patterns or habits. Therefore, one should ensure that their diet is not just healthy and wholesome but at the same time well-balanced and nourishing. Often while trying to compete in order to stay fit and in good shape, we tend to comprise on diet. And this article, speaks exactly of that mistake that many of us make.

Here are some causes of hair fall due to the rigid practice of a low carb diet.

  • By controlling the intake of carbohydrates, a decrease in a range of nutrients that the body essentially needs is lost. This can cause more hair fall than the normal rate and can even lead to the staggering of hair growth.
  • Lack of protein: a typical ketogenic diet comprises low carbohydrates, moderate protein and fat high intake. Also, calorie shortages and the underconsumption of protein are two main elements responsible for hair loss.
  • Absence of Biotin: a deficiency of biotin could be another reason for excessive hair loss. Biotin is a significant nutrient as it accelerates the production of keratin in hair and increases the rate of the growth of follicles.
  • Stress: when one tries to restrict themselves too much in terms of their diet regime, the body undergoes several changes and this can cause temporary hair loss (Telogen effluvium) or even Alopecia Areata (wherein a large bunch of hair falls out). One should try to avoid and overcome stress by engaging in de-stress oriented activities.
  • Low consumption of whole grains: in the process of rigidly abiding by a low carb diet one often avoids eating nourishing foods such as lentils and beans which are extremely important for strong and healthy hair.

Here is a list of recommended natural sources of food which can help in maintaining one’s mane in the long run and keep one in good health.

  1. Eggs: eggs are a remarkable source of protein and biotin which are basic and necessary nutrients for the growth of hair. According to research, consuming higher amounts of biotin can improve one’s hair growth.

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2. Spinach: this is a green leafy vegetable which is cooked in different ways and contains several nutrients like folate, iron and vitamins A & C, all of which are significant for hair growth. It is also known to be a good plant-based source of iron which is vital for hair growth. Iron facilitates red blood cells’ transport of oxygen throughout the body and stimulates metabolism and helps growth and repair.

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3. Fatty fish: fatty fish contain protein, vitamin D3 and B, selenium fatty fish such as mackerel, herring and salmon are eminent sources of omega 3 fatty acids, which may boost the promotion of hair growth and thickness.

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4. Avocados: this fruit is not just delicious but beneficial as well. It is also high in vitamin E which fosters hair growth. One medium size of an avocado provides (about 200 gms) offers 28% of the regular vitamin E requirements. It is also known to act as a protective layer for the parts of the skin, such as the scalp which may experience immense stress and damage.

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5. Seeds: seeds are plentiful in nutrients and comparatively have few calories. Some of these nutrients such as vitamin E, zinc and selenium are equally important for healthy hair. Flaxseeds and chia seeds are likewise nourishing for one’s hair and also contain omega 3 fatty acids. Sunflower seeds are also known to be a great source for improving the health of one’s hair. 28gms of sunflower seeds provide nearly 50% of the daily vitamin E needs.

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6. Soybeans: soybeans are considered the finest sources of spermidine, a compound that has the potential to persist active periods of hair growth. Beans too are an ideal source of protein, zinc, biotin and iron which are all necessary for the best growth of hair.

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Thus, one needs to include a well-balanced and wholesome diet in their day to day meals in order to maintain and improve the condition of their hair. When one puts this into practice, only then will one be able to experience effective results and will observe the condition of their hair improve.

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