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“A healthy immune system equals a healthy body”.

Covid-19 has brought our concern for improving our immunity. Herein we bring your attention to how you can improve your immune system by consuming immune-boosting probiotics.

Probiotics are the good bacteria that live in our digestive tract and benefit our gut. They help our digestive tract digest food, synthesize vitamins and support our immune systems. It’s helpful to consume probiotic-rich foods or supplements to maintain a healthy digestive tract and boost our immune system. We can consume immune-boosting probiotics naturally by consuming certain foods like sauerkraut, yogurt, tempeh, kimchi, kombucha, and traditional buttermilk. We can also get them as a supplement to boost our overall health.


  • Help in the prevention of diarrhea
  • Reduces digestive disorders like leaky gut and bloating
  • Good for heart health- It may help to reduce LDL cholesterol
  • May aid weight loss
  • May prevent cavities
  • Maintaining vaginal health
  • Helps reduce the symptoms of digestive disorders like irritable bowel syndrome
  • Reduces the severity of skin conditions like Eczema
  • Improve cognitive functioning


It soothes your gut health, immunity, fatigue & weakness and has anti-inflammatory properties. It entails numerous health benefits:

  • 100% RDA OF VITAMINS AND MINERALS: It contributes to supporting an active lifestyle by improving energy, immunity, and gut health.
  • POWER OF HERBAL BLEND: Herbal extracts in it help in reducing stress and improving cognitive function, and bone health. Panax Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba extract helps in controlling stress and improving cognitive function.
  • PREBIOTIC AND PROBIOTIC SUPPORT: These multivitamin tablets for men and women contain prebiotics and probiotics. They limit the growth of harmful bacteria and enhance gut health.
  • ANTIOXIDANT SUPPORT: Protects from the damaging effect of free radicals and reduces oxidative stress.
  • IMMUNE SUPPORT: Micronutrients like vitamins A, D, C, E, B6, and B12 play vital roles in the immune response. Probiotics help improve immunity by stimulating the activity of immune cells like natural killer cells and macrophages.

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  • PROBIOTIC POWERHOUSE: This slightly sweet and tart booch is noted for its probiotic superpower, it promotes a healthy gut leading to better immunity, enhanced metabolism, better digestion, and food absorption which finally gives you better energy levels. It is full of antioxidants, B Vitamins, and healthy acids which acts as a natural detoxifier.
  • RAW AND UNPASTEURIZED: Live probiotics are packed in every bottle; raw fermentation process makes our brew optimum for gut health. You might even find live strands of bacteria signifying our brew is 100% raw.
  • 100 % REAL AND NATURAL: We brew our kombucha with green and black tea and infuse it with real fruits, herbs, and spices to give a flavorful experience with our beverage. All flavors are irresistibly delicious and refreshing which will leave you with a feel-good experience.
  • PERFECT COMBINATION OF TASTE AND HEALTH: This low-calorie, low-sugar drink with tempting flavors is crafted with delicacy to give you the best sweet and bubbly feel in every sip of Kombucha.
  • VERSATILE DRINK: Add it to your morning smoothies, have it in the morning for accelerated digestion, midday for a natural lift, have it in the evening to curb those cravings, or replace it with your evening cup of chai or coffee or use it as a cocktail mixer with Gin or Vodka, we got you all covered with Kombucha.

  • GET A STRONGER, HEALTHIER & ENERGIZED BODY – It’s multivitamin for men & women contain a super antioxidant, vigour and vitality blend that gives you the extra energy that you need to stay active till the end of your day.
  • IMMUNITY BOOST WITH PRE & PROBIOTICS: Probiotics in our multivitamins for women & men help boost immunity & better digestion. These multivitamin tablets help better absorption of multivitamins and minerals from the food you eat and give you added immunity and energy which other supplements don’t.
  • 45 KEY INGREDIENTS IN 7 VITAL BLENDS – Just one tablet a day gives you 45 well researched ingredients in their premium form to help you achieve more from your day.
  • MULTIVITAMINS FOR HAIR, SKIN, AND NAILS: The multivitamin tablets for women and men containing vitamins like biotin, vitamin E & vitamin C are added to support healthy hair growth, skin, and nails which no other multivitamin capsules for men and women in the market give. The small tablet size makes it easier to swallow than multivitamin capsules.
  • BONES & JOINTS SUPPORT WITH 100% VEG VITAMIN D: The multivitamin supplement for men & women with superior joint health & bone health blend helps make your bones and joints stronger to last longer.


Your overall health depends upon a healthy gut. Probiotic supplements provide extra support to your digestive health, improve metabolism and help prevent other gut-related issues.

Ensure that you choose the most efficient probiotic supplement for you.

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