You are currently viewing Labdoor:  reflecting the reality about health-oriented products.

Labdoor: reflecting the reality about health-oriented products.

Consuming health or dietary oriented supplements is a casual practice that some may or may not engage in depending on the purpose and their final goal with respect to their health or fitness goals. However, one cannot completely rely on these supplements. One would need to adapt to different health practices and make lifestyle changes. While in the process of consuming different supplements, one may not realize that accountability and reliability do matter. One should be aware of the kind of substances that are entering their body. But have we ever thought about the authenticity of these health products? This article throws light on one such company that takes full responsibility of ensuring that the customers are guaranteed safe and healthy products.

Aims and objectives of Labdoor.

Labdoor is an autonomous organization that examines supplements. It is headquartered in South San Francisco, California. Labdoor was founded by Neil Thanedar along with Rafael Ferreira, Helton Souza and Tercio Junker. It was established in May 2012.  They try to understand whether the products genuinely adhere to the claims made and whether they have or not any toxic substances or pollutants. After that the products are graded and ranked, reports are written and that information is published free of cost so that consumers can positively the best supplements for their health.

How are products at Labdoor tested?

The products are bought off retail shelves and online sites. Then a sample of each product is sent to an FDA registered laboratory for a thorough chemical analysis which comprises the dimensions of active ingredients and potential pollutants.

How often are products at Labdoor tested?

An attempt is made to add at least one new product category to the site every month and existing categories are updated at least once every 24 months.

How are products at Labdoor graded?

A quality score is calculated pertaining to each product with the help of their label claims and test results from the laboratory. Quality scores consist of individual scores for Label accuracy, Purity of the product, Nutritional value, Safety of the ingredient and Projected value.

What is the ultimate goal of Labdoor?

Labdoor is a mission-driven organization. They are diligent and dedicated in order to acquaint the consumers and provide them with a better understanding of the products they invest in for their health. They uphold the belief that they are built for the consumer first and then for profit. This helps them in achieving their set goal.

The first “verified commerce” experiment was launched in November 2013 and it rapidly became the most famous feature on the site. This led to more than 15 million people shopping on the site thus supporting the testing of hundreds of new products.

Assurance of consumers

  • One gets more information for free.

One need not rely on any subscriptions to access information on the website. It can avail of it for free.

  • Guarantee that more products are tested.

The research and development are funded by the aid and assistance of each new customer.

  • Labdoor destiny relies on customer feedback.

The organization will have to earn one’s trust with every new purchase. The survival of Labdoor depends on how best it gets each time. It is regarded as the most trusted source of product data and rankings.

Some of the Certified brands by Labdoor are:

  1. Athlean
  2. BigMuscles Nutrition
  3. CBDistellery
  4. Evolene
  5. FarmHaven
  6. Garden of life
  7. Healthy directions
  8. IdealFit
  9. Jetson
  10. Lift Unlimited
  11. MuscleBlaze
  12. Nutrabox
  13. Puro
  14. Rootcha
  15. Trace Minerals.

One can find product rankings of Probiotics, Protein, Multivitamins, CBD Oil and Fish oil.

Significance of Labdoor

Labdoor upholds a significant position especially when in terms of offering honest reviews about health supplements. They have been able to transform people’s perspectives with respect to making a choice between authentic and fake health supplements. They bring to light the importance of overall health through their truthful feedback. Verification especially that of health-oriented supplements is a healthy and valuable practice as it can benefit many by realizing the extent of the legitimacy of the product which is quite necessary before making a purchase. Due to Labdoor’s active participation in offering their customers the best, they have been able to successfully create awareness about the regularity that one must maintain in terms of checking on the genuineness of a supplement which is not any less than an achievement.

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