Comforting, scrumptious, the snack of snacks, packed with crunchy, chicken-y deliciousness. Good for the soul, good for the planet. Kids, fuss pots, countrymen, eat these nuggets and you’ve eaten your veggies.

Weight: 250 g
Product Type: Nuggets

100% vegetarian 0 cholesterol Low sodium
No antibiotics No steroids
No hormones


Additional Information
100% vegetarian plant based “Chicken” nuggets that tastes exactly like Chicken! These Frozen plant-based chicken nuggets are the perfect snack! Just deep fry them, air fry them or pop them in the oven. They taste great and are planet friendly too! Our nuggets are made of Soya and Peas.

Order now and get your first taste of the plant-based revolution! Cooks exactly like Chicken Nuggets

1. Simply Remove Packaging & Cook From Frozen
2. Pre-heat oil in a pan OR apply oil with brush to nuggets for Air Frying 3. Fry nuggets in oil on medium heat for 2-3 minutes until golden brown

Ingredients: Water, Breadcrumb {Refined Wheat Flour (Maida), Dextrose, Iodized Salt, Yeast.}, Seasoning Mix [Vegetable fibre, Vegetable protein(soya), Spices and Condiments(Onion), Iodized salt, Stabiliser(INS 461)], Refined Sunflower Oil {Antioxidant (INS 319)},  Batter [Stabilizer (INS 466)], Structured Vegetable Protein [Isolated Soy Protein, Wheat Gluten and Wheat Starch], Pea Fibre and Starch, Seasonings [Anticaking agent (INS 551), Flavour Enhancer (INS 627, 631)].
Contains Added Flavour (S) (Natural Flavours And Nature Identical Flavouring Substances)

Contain Soya And Wheat

Plant Based Chicken Nugget

Soothing, delectable, the munch of snacks, bursting with crispy, chicken-y goodness. It’s excellent for the soul and it’s good for the environment. You’ll have devoured your vegetables without sacrificing a bit of your taste with our ever so special best vegan chicken nuggets.

Are you aware that when we eat plants, 20% of the plant’s energy is converted into a fuel that aids in tissue regeneration? Yes, you read that correctly, Blue Tribe brings to  you the best vegan chicken nuggets that are not only juicy and crispy but also taste just like the chicken nuggets you can’t get enough of.

We want to enable our customers to turn vegan and inculcate the same habit but without killing your appetite for chicken. Our finest vegan chicken nugget has become our most popular and recommended product, causing you to lick your finger as well as your plate, since its inception.

Additional information

Fitness Goal

Endurance, Immunity Booster, Strength Gain, Weight Gain


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