Organic Tasteful Chamomile Minty Tea, calming and relaxing mint tea | bedtime tea


Our Chamomile Mint Tea is a unique blend of relaxing chamomile flowers and fresh mint leaves. This perfect combination gives you the best of both worlds! There are various chamomile tea benefits like easy digestion, immunity booster etc. and our indian mint (pudina) just doubles these benefits. Pudina is widely used in the Indian kitchen due to its antibacterial properties. This chamomile mint tea is a modern yet healthy twist to your ordinary mint tea. You can drink this unique herbal tea before bed to induce sleep and fix our sleep cycle.


The chamomile mint tea is a great blend created by our tea specialists after years of experiments and research for you. It reduces stress to help you sleep better. This combination will be your perfect partner after a long tiring day! The herbal products must be
tried for a period of 30 days or more regularly to get the desired results.

● Unique Blend: Chamomile Mint Tea is a unique blend of healthy herbs that improve menstrual health and hormonal balance
● Fresh and Flavorful Taste: Our Chamomile mint tea has a refreshing subtle taste to uplift your mood and release stress.
● Promotes weight loss: The tea can be your perfect diet partner as it promotes weight loss and helps your body manage a
healthy weight.
● Induces sleep: Chamomile mint tea induces sleep and aids in insomnia and restlessness.

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dietary preference

Dairy Free, gluten free, sugar free

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Endurance, Immunity Booster, Strength Gain, Weight Loss


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