OSOAA Pure L-Glutamine Muscle Growth & Recovery Supplement 250gm, Post Workout Recovery, Men & Women, 50 Serving (Unflavoured)


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  • 100% ALL NATURAL L-GLUTAMINE: OSOAA L-Glutamine is unflavoured &each serving provides you with 5g of pure Glutamine. Most abundant amino acid- l-glutamine is considered to be a conditionally essential amino acid, which helps in fulfilling the requirement of l-glutamine and recovers the amino acids in the body which helps to muscle and muscle protein development.
  • POWERFUL 7 IN 1 MULTI BENEFIT L-GLUTAMINE: which supports muscle growth and inhibits muscle breakdown. Assists in speeding up recovery after a workout, replenishes amino acid pool, minimizes muscle loss, improves your body’s metabolism and immune system.
  • IDEAL POST WORKOUT SUPPLEMENT FOR EVERY INDIAN MEN AND WOMEN: Its totally vegetarian & and specially formulated supplement for gym goers, bodybuilders, athletes, weight watchers and fitness enthusiasts & is free of artificial sweeteners, coatings, colourings and preservatives. It helps to minimize muscle loss while reducing the fat storage underneath the skin which increases the fitness level and helps to improve your strength, thus helping them to go beyond their previous limits.
  • SUPERIOR EXTRA STRENGTH EASY TO SWOLLOW L- GLUTAMINE POWDER: Many people find it hard swallowing the pills. If you’re one of them, then powder form is for you. Instead of swallowing a capsule, you can drink a small amount of powder mixed into the water or a liquid of your choice. Your body also absorbs powder more quickly, since it’s not concentrated in a hard pill or encased in a capsule.
  • ONLY 1 SCOOP A DAY immediately with in 30 minutes after workout into 210ml of water, fruit juice or sports drink or as suggested by your healthcare professional.
  • MANUFACTURED IN PHARMACEUTICAL GRADE FACILITY: OSOAA L-Arginine nutritional supplement is made from non-GMO ingredients with no artificial fillers, binders, or excipients. It is manufactured in GMP, ISO & HACCP certified facility and it is tested for its nutritional value, purity, quality, and safety.


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