Praakriti – Granola Rolled Oats – 300g – Organic



Rolled Oats Granola is a perfect meal for children & adults
What are the ingredients of Rolled Oats Granola?
Organic almonds, cashew & sesame seeds
Organic rolled oats, flaxseeds & black raisins
What makes our Granola Rolled Oats (Fruit & Nut flavour) special?
The health benefits of Rolled Oats Granola are:
It is a healthy snack with no added preservatives & no processed sugars.
Rolled Oats granola keeps you active & fit. It is a superfood because of the healthy ingredients.
What can we make with Rolled Oats Granola?
Nutritious Cookies
Delicious porridge with honey & fruits
A bowl of oats & milk.
A glass of Smoothie.


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