Praakriti – Gulkand Kesar Elaichi Artisan – 250g Natural


What’s special about our Kesar Elaichi Gulkand?
Our Natural Gulkand Kesar Is Made Naturally
This Gulkand is made from fresh rose petals, Kesar, elaichi, raw honey, and mishri (an unrefined form of sugar), which have their medicinal values.
All the ingredients are combined and cooked in the sun taking 50-60 days to make this Artisanal Gulkand with maximum nutritional benefits.
What are the benefits of Natural Kesar Gulkand?
1. Enhances Sleep Quality

  • Gulkand has a cooling effect on the body, due to which it helps in enhancing sleep quality.
2. High In Natural Cooling Properties

  • Overeating, eating too quickly, and not chewing food properly are some of the common causes of poor digestion.
  • The cooling properties of Gulkand have a restorative effect on acids of the stomach.
3. Clear Skin & Digestive Health
  • Expecting mothers come across new body issues every day.
  • The sugar content in Gulkand draws liquid in the intestine that helps digestive health.
  • The natural cooling properties of Gulkand can help you have clear skin.
  • It has a nice and calming effect on the skin and also reduces acne marks.
4. Excellent For Overall Wellbeing

  • Gulkand is known to reduce stress, strengthen the heart, and central nervous system.
  • It can also help you to manage a hangover.


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