Ruchoks -DIBHA Masala Cherry – Delicious & Dried 100g

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The Dibha Honest Snacking Masala Cherry is a wonderful and unique snacking option to serve to your guests.

This Masala Cherry by Dibha Honest Snacking is a wonderful snacking option to serve your guest a unique and tasty bites with the health benefits of organic fruits. These Masala Cherries are farmed well in natural environment and Sun Dried to keep the nutritions intact. The masala used to give the flavors of these cherries re a well blend of mild spices and flavour enhancers spread well across the cherries. A little salt is added to give balance the acidic taste and sweetness of the fruit.

Benefits –

  1. Cherries are High in Antioxidants
  2. Cherries May Lower Cholesterol
  3. Cherries are a Sleep Aid
  4. Cherries Contain Essential Nutrients
  5. Cherries are Anti-Inflammatory and Pain Relieving

Ingredients –

Dried Cherry, Flavouring Powder & Salt

Shelf Life – 9 Months

Storage Condition –

Please keep in Cool & Dry Place


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