Ruchoks -DIBHA Pineapple Black Pepper – Flavourful & Delicious, Rich in Nutrition 200g

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The Dibha Honest Snacking Dried Pineapple Black Pepper is great to serve to your guests to give them a comforting and healthy snack to munch on.

These sun dried Pineapple Black Pepper by Dibha Honest Snacking are delicious bites to serve to your guests along with some crisp gossip sessions. Throw get-to-gathers and serve a plate of this flavorful snack to let your guest talk about your hosting skills. These pineapple bites are loved by everyone from kids to adults. The taste of pineapples is intact with the very mild flavors of black pepper. The black pepper also keeps the overpowering sweetness of pineapple down and gives you a perfect blend of sweet and savory bites.

Benefits –

  1. Rich source of vitamins
  2. Cholesterol free
  3. Wholesome and natural

Ingredients –

Dried Pineapple, Sugar, Black Pepper Powder

Shelf Life – 6 Months

Storage Condition –

Please keep in Cool & Dry Place

Tags: 100% Natural, Cholesterol free, Gluten-Free, Rich source of vitamins, Vegan


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