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Protein Powder

Endurance protein powder is so famous. But why?

Protein powder helps our body while we heavily work out or is beneficial for athletes by providing them energy for their workout.

protein powder

What is protein powder?

It is the powdered form of protein that is obtained from plants like soybean, peas, rice, potatoes, hemp, or milk (casein or whey protein). They also include other ingredients too such as sugar, artificial flavor, thickeners, vitamin, and minerals. One scoop protein amount varies from 10 to 30 grams and there is more protein content in bodybuilding supplements and relatively low protein content in the supplements used for weight loss.

How does protein powder help with endurance?

Firstly let’s know about Endurance: The ability to continue doing something painful or difficult for a longer period without complaining.

Secondly, After a heavy workout or doing any painful work you need to restore your lost energy. This is how it works with endurance to provide your body the strength and energy. Thirdly, protein powder will be beneficial for muscle growth, and repair, and stimulate rapid growth. It is the best product for athletes who do heavy workouts daily and after workouts to regain their energy and can do other work, protein powder can help you regain your energy.

Endurance is needed by athletes, weight-lifters, and those who do heavy workouts throughout the day. Endurance protein powder helps you to regain your strength, and energy and helps you to maintain weight and not only will help your body but also keeps you fit and it will maintain your body posture too. It will also fulfill the need for a protein required by your body too.

If you are looking for protein powder then here we go.

1. Zedon Nutrition Gluten-Free Gold Standard Whey Protein

This will help you with the growth of muscles and will boost your strength, and with endurance too. It is also available in many flavors such as chocolate, cookies and cream, mango and coffee, etc.

2. Monster Series Huge Gainer

This is the best option for vegetarians because it will help you with healthy weight gaining, muscles, and endurance.

3.Nutrabay Pure Soy Protein Isolate

It is a pure vegan plant-based protein made from soy and it is the best option for those who do heavy training as a post-workout supplement.

What are different types of endurance protein?

1)  Whey protein

whey protein is one of the well-known proteins and the by-product of the cheese-making process. This protein is easily absorbed and digestible to everyone. There are 3 types of whey proteins:

a. Whey protein concentrate

b. Whey protein isolate

c. Whey protein hydrolysate

whey protein

2) Milk protein

It has been seen to decrease the prevalence of metabolic risk factors such as hypertension, mild hyperGlycemia, and dyslipidemia.

milk protein

3) Calcium Caseinate

This is the naturally occurring hormone in the body that supports muscle growth and will help our body to stay fit because of calcium present in the body.

calcium caseinate

Other sources of protein:

a.       Eggs

b.      Lentils

c.       Bean

d.      Nut

e.       Peanuts

f.       Tofu

g.       Chickpea

h.      Green peas

i.       Milk

j.       Beef

k.      Chia seeds

l.       Fish

sources of protein

The benefits of protein powder:

Weight management:

Eating protein-rich food will help you to stay fuller for a longer period. It will help you to stay away from taking unnecessary food at the wrong time, which can help you to maintain your weight because if your weight is in control then maintaingmaintaining blood sugar would be easy.

Muscles growth:

Protein will help you with muscle growth. Many gym enthusiasts and athletes consume it after doing their heavy workouts because protein shakes will help them to regain their strength.

Recovery after exercise:

Protein powder helps you to repair damaged muscles and tissues and this is used by athletes to boost their and help them recover from their muscle soreness after exercise.

How much protein powder do you need to consume?

As we have seen many protein powders of different brands are available but you need to select the best from all.

Many protein powders come with instructions on how much to consume in a day but some proteins didn’t provide you with enough information. Protein powder is intake after 30 minutes of the workout because it will safe to take it at that time only.

The intake of protein powder depends upon the timing of hours you are working out:

Moderate training: .45 grams per pound

Heavy training; .5-.75 grams per pound

Very-heavy training: .8-.9 grams per pound   

The Bottom line

It is very important for those who are in taking protein powder because you all must choose the best powder for you and intake it in a proper proportion. I try my best to provide you with all the best information about the protein powder and how it helps with endurance, how to consume it, and the benefits of protein powder. Try to choose the best for you out of all.

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