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All you need to know about Proffee

Do you wish that your mornings are more energetic and refreshing? Are you bored of consuming the same old traditional tea and coffee?

Here is a new drink called proffee that can help make mornings more active and lively. It is easy and one of the most convenient options especially for individuals who are always on the go.

Beverages consist of a variety of drinks such as tea, coffee, fruit juices, lassi etc. Every individual has their own liking and preference towards their choice of beverage. Beverages can be consumed at any time. They are also considered a source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals and other carbohydrates. Most often, it is regarded as an energy booster for many. But did you know that the variety of beverages has expanded to a great extent? This article highlights one of those beverages which many people might not be familiar with.

Proffee, a new kind of beverage which sounds very distinct and new has become a new kind of energy booster that everyone looks up to.

Concept of proffee.

Proffee is a coffee technique that entails a concoction of coffee and a protein powder/shake. It is normally prepared by adding a few ice cubes and a few espresso shots to a cup and blending a protein shake through it. Proffee is useful for those especially those who don’t get time to have their breakfast and are still looking for something healthy and substantial to start their day. It is definitely an energizing and appetizing beverage.

Is proffee healthy?

Yes, it is healthy as it includes two beneficial substances such as coffee which consists of a huge amount of antioxidants and a protein powder/shake which boosts energy and improves muscle repair.

Some of the best coffees one can make proffee with:

  • Cold brew coffee.
  • French press coffee.
  • One or two shots of espresso.
  • Pour-over coffee.

Pros of consuming Proffee

  • Ideal ‘on the go’ beverage – the speciality of the concoction of coffee and protein powder even though it doesn’t taste delicious or mouth-watering as one may expect, it does the job of stimulating, rejuvenating and refreshing, especially when consumed in the morning since it’s the start of the day. This drink’s popularity is because the protein powder in coffee eliminates the detrimental effects of caffeine.
  • Helps in weight loss– drinking protein coffee is beneficial for those who wish to lose weight and become healthier. It increases one’s metabolism and subdues one’s uncontrollable appetite. Thus, this will not make one hungry easily which means one will eat less, so fewer calories. It is believed that consuming protein coffee an hour previously to working out aids in weight loss.
  • Enhances the health of the heart– the amalgamation of protein powder and coffee controls blood pressure, improves blood circulation, reduces bad cholesterol levels and prevents impairment of the heart cells. In short, it enhances overall cardiovascular health.
  • Improves reasoning and mental attentiveness – while caffeine wards off stress and boosts mood, protein in a similar manner facilitates the brain to stay alert and attentive. Protein coffee enhances and strengthens cognition and mental functioning. Either whey protein or soy protein powder can be used in protein coffee.
  • Lowers age-related muscle loss – it is essential to limit muscle loss to develop muscles. There is a natural tendency that as one grows older, the muscles become weaker which can cause many chronic issues like obesity, heart troubles etc. Consuming protein coffee can lessen age-related damage to the muscles, keeping the heart and body both healthy and fit. For better results, one should ensure that regular exercise and a well-balanced diet are put into practice.
  • Augments stamina and strength for workouts – consuming protein coffee an hour before the workout session is enough to keep one active and energetic throughout. It stimulates the body with the required nourishment and stamina to perform better and efficiently.
  • Lowers the threat of contracting metabolic syndrome – people with obesity are more threatened of developing metabolic syndrome. Protein coffee is known to support weight loss and thus it is remarkably like to decrease the danger of metabolic syndrome in individuals who consume protein coffee daily. This promotes fat loss faster hence keeping many weight associated complexities at bay.

Thus, proffee is considered a healthy and wholesome alternative which can be easily prepared at home and can be consumed anytime in a day.

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