Some Delicious Flavors of Banana Chips

 Do you like snacking while watching a movie or binging on Netflix you often crave for something to eat that could douse your hunger? You want to make the moment more entertaining by adding a bowl of crispy snacks.  What could be a better healthy snack other than banana chips?  In a generation of calorie conscious people finding the right snack to munch on blindly is definitely tricky. But do not worry. Banana chips are a perfect blend of taste and nutrition at the same time.

If you choose banana chips as your handy snack then you won’t regret it ever. Banana chips blend in with every occasion you want to fit it with. It can be eaten in the form of dessert or you can add it into your meals or you can simply munch on it whenever you are hungry. You need not worry about the quality and fat content in it because it is totally organic. It is comprised of all the goodness and freshness one would desire in a perfect healthy snack.

Kerala Banana chips by Beyond Snacks are the most genuine and original in taste. Undoubtedly it is preferred by many people as the best banana chips.  The unbeatable quality and taste has made the banana chips a desired snack.

Best selection of bananas:

When it comes to selection of fresh bananas for the production of banana chips no errors are committed. To give the desired taste and superior quality only Nendran bananas are picked up.

Nendran bananas are especially grown in the farms of kerala and they are best known for their unique flavour.  The experts know exactly when to pluck the bananas and every banana that is selected is very carefully inspected before sending it for further processing. Quality of the banana chips is taken utmost care of.

Hands free production:

Kerala Banana Chips are produced without the added touch of hands.  With the usage of modern technology the processing of banana chips now no longer requires the direct interference of humans.

From cutting to slicing the banana pieces, frying them and finally packaging them: all these process takes place in automated machines. And that is why the process becomes so seamless and in the end result you get a pack of perfect crunchy banana chips.

Healthy snack:

Yes it’s an extremely healthy snack to munch on at random times. First of all bananas are a rich source of vitamins, irons and minerals. Adding them to your diet even in the form of banana chips will greatly enhance your health.

The ingredients used to enhance the flavour of banana chips are 100% natural like salt and Indian spices. No artificial colours or substances are added in it. So it is the right time to grab a packet of banana chips in your hand and give your health a boost.

Low fat content:

You don’t have to fear anymore about the fat content in banana chips because there isn’t any. Don’t be surprised because Kerala Banana chips has zero trans fat and zero cholesterol. The frying time span of banana chips is extremely small hence it explains why these chips are extremely low in fat.

Rich Fibre Content:

Bananas are considered to be very rich in dietary fibres. This abundance of fibre in banana chips is an added reason for you to consider its importance. Fibres are very essential for our digestive health as it cleanses the system and reduces digestive distress. It is also beneficial for enhancing the microflora of the gut.

Perfectly Shaped Chips:

Don’t worry about broken chips anymore because the manufacturer has taken extreme care of that during the process. Every step of processing is so carefully monitored that broken or hard chips are excluded during the time of packaging. The fully air puffed packet makes sure that no external pressure or damage can harm the integrity and shape of the chips. Thus you get perfect round and crunchy chips.

Kerala Banana Chips by Beyond Snacks is a delicious combination of aroma and flavour. The natural and authentic taste of these Kerala banana chips is incomparable. It is healthy and wholesome filled with all the necessary vitamins and nutrients. There are many flavours of banana chips available that you should try. Beyond Snack’s Kerala Banana Chips are available on Foodvez Website. You can check it out here:

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