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Are Organic Almonds a Healthy Choice?

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Almonds- Aid for a healthy lifestyle

Almonds are an incredible dry fruit that is available in small packs with enormous nutritional health benefits. They contain a variety of essential vitamins and minerals in addition to healthy fats. Its amazing health benefits may range from maintaining the blood sugar levels and lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels to reducing the risk of respiratory diseases and anemia. Apart from this Almonds are beneficial for skin and hair.

What are Organic Almonds?

Organic almonds are originally grown during the planting stage when the seed is grown by top dressing the soil with lots of well rotten material. At harvest, the nuts are knocked down peeled, and well dried in the sun. Organic almonds are low in carbohydrates which makes them a perfect snack in case you are on diet and off the carbs. Organic almonds are high in protein, fiber, Vitamin E, and minerals like magnesium, manganese, copper, and phosphorus.

Confused while choosing the best Organic Almonds?

While choosing the organic almonds for various health benefits including higher immunity power and a healthy balanced diet, one might face trouble. As there is a wide range of Organic Almonds available in the market choosing the best out of them would be cumbersome.

Organic almonds are a rich source of protein and fibred with a healthy and delicious taste. Here’s the best product from foodvez which would help you achieve all the health benefits in a nutritional nutshell.

Almond NutriBundle (250gm)





Sesame seeds


Flax seeds

Soya bean


Milk powder

Product description

Almond Nutribundle is packed with high-quality almonds and roasted seeds & nuts are pounded at home with care at an optimal temperature such that the ingredients don’t lose their nutrient content. It is not only healthy but also a delicious alternative to artificially flavored immunity boosters and superfoods. Health experts highly recommended our Nutribundle to kids, pregnant women, and the elderly as a healthier supplement and additional nutrition.

Why Almond Nutribundle

Helps in boosting memory and strengthens mental growth

Rich in antioxidants

Beneficial for heart

Lowers cholesterol levels

Benefits of Organic Almonds

Almonds have a variety of health benefits which includes the ability to safeguard heart health and increase the high concentration of beneficial monounsaturated fats. This in return increases blood circulation bone density skin production and proper digestion and also maintains adequate blood sugar levels. Almonds also boost cognitive performance and reduce the overall stress in the body.

Rich in Antioxidants & Vitamin E

Almonds are a great source of alkali materials and they trend the immunity system and increase the stability of the body to fight against diseases and various health adversities too.

Controls Blood sugar levels

As per research almonds helps to decrease the rise in glucose and insulin levels. Almonds can protect the body from the dangerous rise in blood sugar which often leads to diabetes. Almond helps regulates the absorption of glucose which makes the entire process of digestion smooth and safer.

Regulation of Blood Pressure

The research published in the journal Circulation revealed that food items with high cholesterol reduce the risks associated with coronary heart disease which includes blood pressure. The protein source is an essential factor in the blood pressure level. Other nutrients of almond keep the body well satisfied with essential needs which prevents many deficiencies and provide an adequate amount of vitamins and minerals required for a healthy lifestyle.

Are almonds fumigated?

Fumigation means heating the particular item with vapor gas are smoke to disinfect or destroy the effects of pesticides, weeds, and other agricultural pest that may be present there. Methyl bromide and phosphine are mostly used in fumigation. However, Almonds are not fumigated because getting almonds in contact with heat or smoke at a very high temperature will eventually kill the essential enzymes and constituents that are beneficial for health.

 Nonorganic Almonds are fumigated at a very high temperature using propylene oxide. Propylene oxide is the compound utilized to disinfect almonds. It is significant to switch from ordinary almonds to organic almonds as they are not disinfected with propylene oxide which may be harmful to health.

Stay safe and cautious

Stay safe and cautious

As every other food has its ill effects these nuts are no exception. Before using it in an excess amount you must be very careful about its ingredients. They contain oxalate and excessive of it can cause crystallization which can lead to different health adversities.

1. People having problems with gallbladder or kidney must avoid eating almonds or consult a doctor before consuming them.

2. Consuming too many Almonds can increase bad fat levels in the body.

3. Almonds are a rich source of high calories and be careful before consuming them if you are watching your weight.

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