What is BCAA powder and how does it work ?

There are lots of important facts about BCAA powder you should know before supplementing with BCAA powder. Here are some important information about BCAA provided below.

BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids Supplement or Powder) we all do know that proteins are building blocks in the human body. Any kind of damage in our body or if we need to repair the damage area or need to grow our body we need to consume protein

When you consume any kind of protein it’s basically pieces made up of minor acids and when our body consumes it, our body basically breaks them into these minor acids. Which eventually be converted into protein in our body in order to be utilized by our muscles. Studies proves that BCAAs are a broken down form of protein and they get absorbed very fast into our body.

Unlike real protein, BCAAs don’t pass through the liver pathway; they’re not metabolized in the liver, instead they metabolize directly in the muscles. So in simple words our recovery is faster because the muscles immediately utilize all those branched chain amino acids supplements (BCAAs).

We also need to consume some amount of protein in our pre-workout meal so that our body already has the energy to recover while working out. That’s why we use BCAAs as it helps to fulfill the need of protein in our body immediately. Plus, BCAAs are one of the most awesome tasting supplements in the market available.

Fun fact, we can also describe BCAAs in mathematical terms, the rate of putting on muscle is equal to the rate of protein synthesis minus the rate of protein breakdown. In simplest terms we can say that If you are on a diet or you are trying to reduce high amount of fat at that time your body is in a caloric deficit and if you’re in a caloric deficit the rate of protein synthesis is low and for the rate of muscle mass to be high, the first factor needs to be high and second factor needs to be low.

So if supplementing with BCAAs the rate of protein synthesis will be increased. If you get tired very easily while working out, then the use of BCAAs can delay the feeling of fatigue during the workout. While working out there are amino acids present in your bloodstream that’s called tryptophan ( An amino acid needed for normal growth in infants and for the production and maintenance of the body’s proteins, muscles, enzymes, and neurotransmitters).

So what happens when you workout tryptophan goes to your brain and gets converted into serotonin hormones. Serotonin hormones have a side effect where you get the feeling of fatigue during a workout session. So if you’re supplementing with BCAAs what happens is that BCAAs complete with the tryptophan for entering in your brain and delay the formation of serotonin hormones, which delays the feeling of fatigue during your workout training.

If you’re a marathon runner, endurance athlete or planning to do long distance running or walking, BCAAs can be a huge help for you. It will make you feel less tired, provide more energy, and kind of make you feel less diodes for two or three hours.In case if you’re on steroids your workout session in the gym has to last for two to three hours and that’s when few of fatigue is highest. BCAAs are great and can be very helpful to you if you are on steroids.

What makes BCAA powder so amazing ?

Well, BCAA powder is basically made up of natural source leucine, isoleucine, and valine. Solvents are used to extract BCAAs from the keratin.leucine, isoleucine, and valine are 3 different amino acids, together all 3 of these acids make Branched Chain Amino Acids or BCAAs and We already learn that BCAAs are essential in the human body.

The difference between valine and leucine is basically the more alkyl groups present, the more non-polar the amino acid will be. Valine is an amino acid which means it has both amine and acid which have been neutralized in the zwitterion. This reaction makes valine more non-polar than alanine. Valine actually is a neutral non-polar, the amino acid is neutral unless there are extra acids, if both of the acids are not present then the whole amino acid is neutral. This situation is also known as Neutral side chain.

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