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Best organic sattu for gaining strength

Whether its summer or winter Organic Sattu Maavu Multi-grain Millets and cereals porridge mix by early foods is the perfect food for you.  A bowl of sattu will calm your stomach like a miracle. Sattu is considered to be the king of energy. It is so inexpensive and yet extremely delicious and rich in protein.

Where to buy?

At foodvez website you get to choose the best quality organic sattu available. Organic Sattu Maavu Multi-grain Millets and cereals porridge mix by early foods available in foodvez is of the most superior quality. It is filled with healthy and wholesome ingredients. You can check it out in the given link:

What are the ingredients present in it?

It consists of the most natural ingredients. All these ingredients are chosen from the best quality sources.

  • Organic koddo millet
  • Organic foxtail millet
  • Organic ragi
  • Organic pearl millet
  • Organic dry millet
  • Dry fruits and seeds
  • Watermelon
  • Almonds
  • Lotus seeds
  • Cardamom

How is sattu made?

Organic sattu is made by grinding all the ingredients and millets and converting into a fine form of powder.

What are the benefits of consuming Organic Sattu Maavu Multi-grain Millets and cereals porridge mix by early foods?

  • The benefit of consuming organic sattu is incomparable to anything else. A bowl of sattu contains rich amount of protein, vitamins, iron and minerals. Organic sattu is also rich in fibre.
  • Fibre is extremely essential in the body as it lowers the absorption of sugar in the body. Thus it is an excellent remedy in managing blood sugar levels too. Dietary fibre also helps in cleansing the gut. The fibre content in sattu will help flush out harmful toxins from the body. Sattu is very efficient in improving bowel movements. Many people rely on sattu as a great option for dealing with constipation.
  • Sattu is a very low in glycemic index. According to leading researchers it is stated that foods high in glycemic index are more dangerous to health.
  • High glycemic foods can cause insulin imbalance, unregulated blood pressure and heart disease. But thanks to Organic Sattu Maavu Multi-grain Millets which is extremely low in glycemic index. Hence you get the added advantage of health, energy and delicious taste.
  • Sattu also increases iron content in the body. This beneficial quality is present in sattu because it is very high in iron. And with increased iron in the body you get more number of red blood cells. Also it increases the haemoglobin percentage in the body. All these qualities helps in increasing oxygen capacity of the body.
  • As such oxygen binds to the haemoglobin oxygen volume in the blood gradually increases. More oxygen in blood means better respiration rate and good blood circulation. Thus more oxygen will be transmitted to different parts of the body. Hence this is also one of the reasons that consuming sattu gives you immense amount of energy.
  • Organic Sattu Maavu Multi-grain Millets and cereals porridge mix by early foods might also help you with unnecessary food cravings. Because whenever you feel hungry you will tend to opt for junk food. These junk foods are loaded with bad cholesterol and sugars which in the long run will affect you negatively.
  • Eating organic sattu when you are hungry will not only erase your hunger but also give you natural source of vitamins and proteins. Organic sattu is totally free from harmful ingredients. It has no bad cholesterol or added sugar, no milk powder, no thickeners, no maltodextrin, no artificial sweeteners, no artificial colours and no preservatives.
  • So the bottom-line is that the quality and ingredients of the product are taken extreme care. There are no ingredients that might affect your health negatively. It is composed of the simplest ingredients one could ever imagine. Yet it is one of the finest and healthiest forms of food that you need to add in your daily diet.
  • Very rarely you will find foods that contain all the nutrients and tastes delicious at the same time. But Organic Sattu Maavu Multi-grain Millets and cereals porridge mix by early foods is the answer for that. It is a boon for good health.

How to consume?

It is very easy to prepare organic sattu. You can prepare it according to your necessity. Generally take two or three spoons in your bowl and pour some hot water in it. Or you can cook the mixture with water on a medium flame for 5 minutes. After that all you need is a spoon and dive in the aroma of organic sattu.

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