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Chia Seeds to Fight Thyroid

Thyroid diseases have become a common problem all over the world. Therefore, many products have originated to help fight thyroid problems. But why take chemical supplements to cure the thyroid when we have natural ingredients? Chia seeds are a widely recognized natural element to cure thyroid issues and other health problems. But let us first know a few things related to thyroid.


What is Thyroid ?

The thyroid is a type of gland in the lower front neck. It creates hormones to control several bodily functions of great importance. But if this thyroid does not work in the right order, for example, if the thyroid generates either too little or much hormones, then malfunctions occur in the body. These are called thyroid diseases. The impact of thyroid diseases complicates the entire bodily system.

Thyroid diseases are developed through either low or high releasing of hormones.

Thyroid Diseases

Generally, there are two types of thyroid diseases. One is due to the excessive amount of hormonal discharge, and the other is for little amount of thyroid hormonal discharge. They are known as Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism respectively.

Now let us know about Chia seeds, and how they are effective in regards to cure thyroid disease.

Things to Know about Chia Seeds

A member of the flowering plant mint family, chia seeds are perfectly edible and highly beneficial to many health issues, including Thyroid diseases. Chia seeds are a great source of Omega 3 fat and ALA that aid the thyroid keep a balanced hormonal discharge. Healthy fat lowers inflammation and keeps the mood high. It also controls blood sugar levels and brain development.

Chia seeds are full of essential nutrients. Here is a list of the nutrients chia seeds contain.

Nutritional Elements in Chia Seeds

Dietary fibre

These nutrients help fight the two most common thyroid diseases.

Chia seeds to cure Hyperthyroidism:

When the thyroid produces more thyroxine hormone than the normal amount, the rate of metabolism increases. Chia seeds are a great source to cure this. Chia seeds maintain the body’s energy level. Thus they restraint the body from feeling excessive energy and tiredness at the same time.

  • Chia seeds keep moderate heart beating.
  • Burn fat properly.
  • Reduce nervousness.
  • Keep the mood positive and stop developing mood swings and irritability

Chia Seeds to Cure Hypothyroidism:

When the thyroid produces fewer hormones than the normal amount, the body triggers several malfunctions. Consuming Chia seeds protect the thyroid from these malfunctions.

  • Chia seeds cure low metabolic rate.
  • Minimize extreme fatigue.
  • Minimize Cold sensitivity.
  • A good source of weight management.
  • Work as a natural laxative to aid constipation.

That is why chia seeds are among those natural elements that help the thyroid issues remain in a healthy condition. They reduce the risk of thyroid diseases.

Other benefits of chia seeds:

Quercetin, Kaemferol, Caffeine acid, and Chlogenic acid are the antioxidant properties present in Chia seeds to fight free radicals in the body. Free radicals promote oxidative stress and damage the cells. Consuming chia seeds minimizes the risk factors of diseases originating from free radicals.

Chia seeds for heart disease

Antioxidant elements such as Quercetin and Caffeine acid in chia seeds help to lower abnormally high blood pressure levels.

Chia seeds are rich in fibres. This controls insulin resistance in the blood and thus maintains blood sugar levels.

Chia seeds cut down unhealthy problems like type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

Iron, copper, magnesium, and sodium present in Chia seeds strengthen bones and brain muscles.

Soluble fiber found in Chia seeds aids healthier weight management.

Regular consumption of chia seeds in right amount reduces the risk of several chronic conditions such as cancer, inflammation, and heart disease.

These are the healthy benefits of chia seeds that have made this natural edible product to add to everyday life’s diets, especially for their diet plan who are having thyroid problems.

Directions of use

Glass bowl with milk Chia seeds

Chia seeds can be cooked in various ways. Here are some examples of the methods of Chia seeds consumption.

  • Adding chia seeds to energy bars.
  • Cooking them with oatmeal.
  • Adding them in salads.
  • Mixing with milk or water.
  • Making breads or cakes with chia seeds powder.

No doubt that chia seeds help maintain a healthy hormonal balance. But overeating chia seeds may cause complications in the digestive system or lead to allergies. So taking a proper amount of chia seeds would be right.

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