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Diet for muscle gain


Let us first understand about muscle gain.

The requirement for muscle building is deposition of more protein molecules into the muscles than it is removed. if more protein is removed than added then the muscle mass will decrease. If the net removal and addition of protein is equal, no change in muscle mass will be observed, if more protein is deposited than it is removed then muscles will grow. The key to gain muscle is to increase the rate of protein deposition while minimizing the rate of protein breakdown.

Diet for muscle gain

For muscle gain high protein foods should be incorporated in the diet, and low in saturated fats. Along with a balanced diet a proper workout schedule should be followed as well. Both nutrition and physical activity are important for muscle gain.

High protein food

High protein foods are very essential as they are the building blocks for muscle gain. High protein foods include animal products like, eggs, and meat like, fish, chicken, etc. dairy items like Greek yogurt and cottage cheese also provides with high protein. Plant based foods like legumes, beans and pulses must be included in diet. All these food items are rich in protein, including these in your diet would increase protein amount in your diet. Along with these foods, protein powder can also be incorporated in the diet in form of smoothies, shakes, oat meals, puddings. There are numerous varieties of protein powders to choose from.

The protein powders listed below can be bought to help with muscle gain.

The best diet for gaining muscles is addition of 500-1,000 calories per day on top of the current requirement.  However, this calorie intake recommendation is used in a broad sense and might not suit everyone.

Foods rich in complex carbs should be incorporated in the diet along with high quality proteins. A daily intake of 1.6 grams- 2.2 grams of protein for each kilogram of your bodyweight would help in muscle gain. Eating high quality protein sources throughout the day would meet this requirement.

Eggs are considered to be high quality protein and helps on gaining muscles. Or protein shakes also helps in meeting daily requirement for protein.

The bottom line

Gaining muscles requires nutrition and physical activity both. A proper balanced diet with increased protein requirement to build the muscles, and low saturated fat food. A good quality protein must be included in the diet like eggs or lean meat, legumes, pulses, yogurt, cottage cheese, protein powders can also be added to the diet if there is no sufficient protein included in the diet.

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