Get healthy with Foodvez Peanut Butter

Are you searching for the best range of peanut butter?

You are at the right place because Foodvez Peanut butter is the best among all.

Foodvez Chocolate crunchy peanut butter is a delicious combination of taste and smoothness. It not only incorporates perfection but also delivers the best taste. Made from the best quality ground peanuts it is just incomparable.

There are so many varieties of peanut butter out there that you often get confused. You worry about the nutritional content and fat content in peanut butter. But with Foodvez Chocolate crunchy peanut butter you don’t have to worry about the quality check.

Because foodvez takes the best care of its products. And Foodvez Chocolate crunchy peanut butter is made with maximum precision. Each scoop of peanut butter that you eat will provide you a heavenly taste.

Foodvez Chocolate crunchy peanut butter has no artificial preservatives or ingredients. Despite being called butter it doesn’t contain any trans fat or cholesterol. Yes you heard it right. It doesn’t contain all those unhealthy fats that might hamper your health.

Does it contain protein?

  • Foodvez Chocolate crunchy peanut butter has an abundance of protein in it.
  • You will get approximately 20 g of protein from a scoop of 100 g peanut butter. If you are an athlete or going to gym then it is the best supplement for you. You get both taste and nutrition together. It is the best blend of protein mixed with butter you will ever get.
  • For gym goers this is a boon for them. Protein is the most essential nutrition required for building body. Because after an intense workout session your body needs protein to repair the muscle damage.
  • Protein also helps in building up new muscle for you. Having a scoop or two of Foodvez Chocolate crunchy peanut butter after exercise or workout will greatly benefit you. The high protein content in it will reenergize your body and help you gain those muscles.

What ingredients are present in Foodvez Chocolate crunchy peanut butter?

The ingredients of Foodvez Chocolate crunchy peanut butter is very simple. Only the necessary ingredients are added. The ingredients are roasted peanuts, iodized salt, coco powder, choco chips, sugar and emulsifier. All these ingredients are gathered from the finest quality sources. So that you get to taste the best quality Foodvez Chocolate crunchy peanut butter.

Are there any harmful preservatives added to it?

Foodvez assures that there is no added artificial preservatives in peanut butter. That means you only get a natural and authentic jar of peanut butter.

Does Foodvez Chocolate crunchy peanut butter contain any unhealthy fats?

  • That is the most probable question that comes to everyone’s minds when they think about peanut butter. But the facts says that peanut butter is actually more healthy than any other form of butter.
  • It is free from any trans fat and unhealthy cholesterol that might put your health at risk.
  • We all know that trans fat is extremely harmful for one’s health. It creates imbalance in the blood pressure and hampers the functioning of heart health. It also lowers the amount of good cholesterol and increases the amount of bad cholesterol in the body.
  • But Foodvez Chocolate crunchy peanut butter is a perfect example of healthy butter. It has taken into consideration of the health of people. And hence created the most healthy peanut butter. Infact it is filled with healthy fats. Healthy fats are extremely essential for maintaining good heart functioning.
  • Healthy fats also increase the proportion of good cholesterol in the body and reduces bad cholesterol. Isn’t it wonderful that by consuming peanut butter you can also be able to lower bad cholesterol in your body.
  • It is high time for you to incorporate Foodvez Chocolate crunchy peanut butter in your daily routine. Never miss a chance when it comes to improving your overall health.

What is the shelf life of Foodvez Chocolate crunchy peanut butter?

It is relatively stable for a period of 12 months or one year. It is enough time period for a peanut butter to remain stable.

Where to store Foodvez Chocolate crunchy peanut butter?

Storing the peanut butter is very important. Because the more properly you store it the longer it will last and stay fresh. As it is written on the jar it is always suggested to store the peanut butter in a cool and dry place. But after opening it is recommended to refrigerate it.

You can get Foodvez Chocolate crunchy peanut butter in the foodvez site itself. The link to the product is:

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