Ideal Time to consume vitamin B12- morning vs night

Are you wondering how to take vitamins daily? Do you want to know better methods of consuming vitamin B12?

Foodvez can be your guide on how and when to keep track on taking B12, and the best time and way of consuming it


With a variety of vitamins and their supplements available in the market, it can be a little difficult to manage multiple vitamins at the same time. Vitamins like vitamin B12 are not so famous and hence we don’t know the best way and time of consuming them.

Vitamin B itself has many types of vitamins, all of which take part in the smooth functioning of our body. Generally, forms of vitamin B are consumed through multivitamin tablets. But they can also be taken individually, either in the form of encapsulation or tablets. Additionally, vitamin B (including vitamin B12) is taken in the morning or with a meal.

Ideal time to take vitamin B12 during the day

The most common question is when can you consume vitamin B12? The answer to that is really simple. The ideal time suitable for it is early in the morning every day. Even though there isn’t a hard-and-fast rule that it should be consumed empty stomach, it is advised to do so. Taking your supplements empty stomach can be better absorbed by the body. If not convenient to do so, you can take vitamin B12 with your first meal as well. Taking vitamin B12 later in the day, interferes with your sleep patterns.

If you are someone who takes a cup of coffee in the morning, then it is advisable to wait an hour after you consume the brew, and then take vitamin B12 supplements. Caffeine is known to detoxify our system. Through frequent urination, the vitamins consumed can be flushed out of the body early.

Morning is generally considered the optimal time for energy metabolism. It is proven that vitamin B12 is exclusively taken for reducing stress. So if you are looking forward to begin your day stress-free then vitamin B12 can help you make it happen.

Can vitamin B12 be consumed at night?

It is not clinically evident that mentions a clear time for taking vitamin B12. Hence, it is entirely up to you when to take the supplements. However it was clinically proven that B12, if taken before sleep, can cause negative effects on your sleep patterns.

Even though there are many negative aspects to consuming vitamin B12 at night, it may be different for every individual. So you can try it for a day to get an idea of what works best for you. Remember, that if you cannot find time in the morning, take vitamin B12 an hour or so before sleeping and an after your last meal for the day.

How much quantity of B12 should be take daily ?

It is not stated anywhere that taking B12 over the recommended quantity can cause negative effects on the body but they can lead to minor side effects like dizziness or vomiting. You should primarily aim at taking B12 through food sources. Dairy and meat products can be considered effective options.

The intake for an ideal adult should be 2.4mg, and for children under the age of 13 years old should be 1.8mcg. For lactating and pregnant women the intake capacity should be 2.8mg and 2.6mg respectively. Our body absorbs B12 very poorly so an ideal dosage of the supplements should be 500mcg or more. As for older people, above the age of 65, the ideal dosage should be 1000mcg. B12 supplements are considered accessible sources through which we can consume B12 directly.

The best way to consume vitamin B12

As you already know that the ideal time to consume vitamin B12 is morning, but differs for every individual. If you are aiming to consume vitamin B12 for having a stress-free day, then supplements can be your best friend if consumed in the morning. To save time, keep the bottle next to your bed along with a glass of water before going to bed. This will prevent you from forgetting and will give you the much-needed que while you brush your teeth!

If your, major concerns are improved health and vitality, then opt for foods enriched with B12. Some of these foods include fortified cereal, nutritional yeast, and fortified and natural plant milk. For specific issues to add fun to your everyday dosage, try eating vegan gummy vitamins.


Keeping track of your daily B12 consumption can help you tons. Complex vitamins like B12 play an important role in improving the metabolism and energy levels of our body. Water-soluble vitamins like B12 are not stored easily in your system so regular intake of vitamins can promote maximum absorption.

Make sure to consult a qualified nutritionist to help you with the dosage with duration ideal for you. Foodvez also has a range of multivitamins so make sure to check that out as well!

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