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Oatmeal chip bars – experimenting with oats

Are you bored of eating the same old snacks and as a result of which often indulge in junk food? Is following a healthy diet becoming very difficult?

Well, then here is your ultimate solution, try out the oatmeal chip bars which are nourishing and tasty. Oatmeal chip bars is an easy and convenient solution for any individual who is diet conscious but is still looking for something that is healthy and at the same time appetizing. The best part is that these oatmeal chip bars can be prepared even at home, so one does not necessarily need to depend on external sources.

Healthy practices contribute to healthy living. And this begins with consuming a healthy and nutritious diet and ensuring that a healthy lifestyle is maintained throughout. A current trend within diet regimes is oat or oatmeal which has become a convenient yet tasteful source of food. Rich with nutrients and vitamins, this snack has gained recognition because of its high nutritional value. Oats in themselves are regarded as wholesome and nutritious food items. And today one sees a number of variations of this such as oatmeal and oatmeal chip bars, oatmeal cookies etc. Oatmeal chip bars are the new craving that one often looks forward to.

Here are some of the ingredients that go into the making of oatmeal chip bars:

  • Oat flour: instead of using processed all-purpose flour, one can opt for oat flour which is rich in nutrients and is considered a great substitution for flour.
  • Rolled oats: this contains vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidant plant compounds such as manganese, phosphorous, vitamin B1 and B5 as well as iron, zinc and folate.
  • Almond butter: it provides a buttery consistency to the cookies and good flavour. Hence, this ingredient cannot be omitted otherwise the oatmeal chip bars will turn out to be bland.
  • Maple syrup provides sweet flavour and freshness.
  • Vanilla extract: this not only adds to the flavour but also gives a pleasant aroma.
  • Peanut butter: this makes oatmeal bars rich in protein and tasty.

The above mentioned are some of the ingredients used to make oatmeal chip bars. The ingredients for oatmeal chip bars vary depending on the kind of variation that one is trying out or the flavour that one wants to add to the oatmeal bar.

Advantages of consuming oatmeal chip bars

  • The fibre in oatmeal helps in lowering the danger of high blood pressure. Fibre also helps in digestion, plus it is substantial and wholesome when added to any food. Therefore, it is a perfect alternative, especially for those who are aiming at weight loss.
  • Helps to control blood sugar and decreases the risk of diabetes.
  • Oatmeal bars are beneficial especially for those who are always in a rush or travel very often. As these bars are a go-to snack, they are also much in demand and are quite convenient.
  • Improves metabolism as it contains a substance called beta-glucan which helps to fight any kind of contamination.
  • It also helps to keep one’s weight under control as it is wholesome which keeps one full for a longer duration as compared to other foods.
  • As oatmeal chip bars don’t contain much gluten and can even be prepared gluten-free, it is an advantage for people especially those dealing with celiac disease.

Some of the variations and add-ins in oatmeal chip bars:

  • Chocolate: for all those chocolate lovers, one can opt for pieces of chocolate or they can even merge different flavours of chocolate as per their preference.
  • Nuts: finely chopped or crushed dry fruits are an ideal addition to an oatmeal bar in order to make it more nutritious. Any kind of dry fruit works.
  • Fruity: one can even consider adding precisely cut dried fruits for those who don’t prefer chocolate or nuts. Finely chopped dates, cranberries, raisins etc are the most preferred fruits which enhance the taste.

One can store the leftover oatmeal chip bars properly packaged in a refrigerator for upto four days.

Oatmeal bars are not just delicious but sumptuous too thus providing nutrition and wholesomeness to one’s health. One of the unique aspects of oatmeal chip bars is that they experimented with a number of variations.

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