Peanut Butter

Is inefficient strength lacking in your workout sessions?

Here is the Peanut Butter to boost your levels of energy!

What is Peanut Butter?

Peanut butter is a smooth paste or spreads made of nuts and dry roasted nuts.

It contains some additional sweeteners, salts etc for its good taste.

It can be a good source for high protein breakfast as well and it’s a very good source for vegetarians to consume a large amount of protein in a single scoop of serving.

Types of Peanut Butter

Additionally, there are mainly three types of. So lets have a quick look:

  • Smooth
  • Crucnhy
  • Crispy

So these are the main three types of peanut butter. Everyone takes it according to their taste and preference.

Uses of Peanut Butter

Just have a glance at its uses:

  • Good option for the gym lovers to loose weight
  • Rich protein food
  • Reduces the risk of cardiac diseases
  • Adds to immunity-boosting
  • Maintains the sugar level
  • Low in carbs high in protein
  • Low in calories
  • Ready to go breakfast option

Moreover, morning meals can be more nutritious and fulfiling.

Because in apparent rushing lives it is difficult to procure an adequate amount of nutrition at a time in our body.

Further, it’s a boon for the ones who follow vegan diet plans!

Nutritional Value of Peanut Butter

So coming onto the value that this box contains.

Its equally important to know the nutrition an eatable contains!

And here you go:

Per serving 32gms
Protein content: 8gms
Energy: 190kcal
Carbs: 6gms
Sugar: 3gms

Further, from the above information, it can clearly be analysed that it’s very low in calories with very Minimum carbs and Rich in Protein content as compared to other jars of butter which are available in the markets as its competitors.

Moreover, introducing first time in history that peanut butter comes in chocolate flavour which makes it very easy for the people who don’t like its basic flavour.

Also it contains delicious unsweetened Belgian dark chocolate too.

So, make sure this power box is there in your fridge to gorge up those midnight cravings and for a healthy breakfast for a healthy and a fitter you!

Uses post-workout

No there is no such particular time when it gets consumed by the person because it is just like a normal food we can consume it anytime according to our own choice and preferences.

But most people consume it early in the morning with bread as a meal and some are consuming just before the gym as a prework out meal.

So at last it is purely up to you when you take and enjoy its delicious taste.

Benefits of consuming this power box:

  • Rich source of Protein (8gm per serving)
  • Then it has high composition of Omega 6 which lowers bad cholesterol level.
  • And it is a natural source of Arginine which may prevent heart disease.

Peanut butter tyes and flavour

Firstly, it tastes amazing.

So beacuse of its different types people prefer it according to their taste.

Some prefer crunch, while some go for smoothand crispy.

So don’t you worry foodvez has got you with every type you need.

Because foodvez is here to serve you the best

Just have a look!

So here’s the smooth option at such a bomb budget price!
And here you go with crispy nuttie type for crisp lovers!
Lastly the crunchy type with a box of brunch inside!

So, these are the 3 types and the flavour is of course everyone’s favourite

‘The chocolate Flavour’

So what are you waiting for? Your search for a perfect peanut butter ends here.

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