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  • BM Vegan Protein is a clean source of complete vegan protein(contains all the 9 essential amino acids)
  • One Serving of BM Vegan Protein will give you the much-needed 26gm of High-Quality Protein per serving of 32gm along with 5gm BCAA, 5gm Glutamine, 0gm Sugar for optimal muscle growth and strength.
  • BM Vegan Protein has added Organic greens and superfoods for better immunity and optimal digestive health.
  • 100% Vegan, Gluten-Free and Soy-free
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Fitness Goal

Endurance, Immunity Booster, Strength Gain


Lychee, Matcha Tea


500gm, 1kg

10 reviews for Big Muscles – VEGAN PROTEIN

  1. Sunny

    I am trying to replace whey protein with a vegan option. So gave this a try.I don’t know if it’s the flavor (brought Lychee) or the protein quality but it seems a torture to drink this.Too sweet & tastes like some Pharma chemical.I ignored other similar reviews mentioning taste, thinking I can manage bad taste.But it’s really unpalatable.

  2. T

    I have tried a lot of plant protein powders from various brands and i can safely say that this one stands now out as an absolutely natural – sugar free plant protein supplement. There are real ingredients inside which is why it has an earthy taste and smell. The absence of sugar is what is driving all those negative comments here but it is not bland or bar. There is sweetness but its not from sugar and it doesn’t taste like an ice cream. So please do not depend on reviews that say this product is disgusting. They are idiots who are used to having a lot of sugar.Nothing good comes easy.I manufacture an energy bars made from hemp (about to launch soon- look for cafoco on google) and it took me a year to find the right sweetness without refined sugar to get the taste right. I know what hemp tastes like and its benefits.This product is really good.Have it consistently for at least 3 months and you’ll see the difference in your body.Also, the first time you try this, the flavour and the smell will (might) not appeal to you but you’ll get used to it.

  3. het.

    I have been using this Bigmuscles plant protein for past few days. Today morning I saw something crawling in the powder – a bug. (Picture attached)Dear BigMuscles, it’s already difficult to trust new and local brands in this product segment, and such incidences are not at all helping your cause. Your negligence and the lack of quality control is appalling and what’s dishearteningly alarming is the fact that if you guys are not able to control the presence of a crawling, living bug in the protein powder, then how can we, as customers, be assured about the absence of any impurities or toxic substances mixed within the protein – these things are not even visible to the human eye. People consume these products, please don’t take their lives for granted.This is not a rant.Please do better.

  4. Suvam Singh

    Protein is so fresh and clear with taste this is good at this price i am using since five days and it’s giving me boost in my body so I can say this is quality product with good benifit.


    taste is not good. tastes like grass

  6. Abhinav Pandey

    Flavour is like awesome and best thing is its easy to digest without any stomach issues. I feel no bloating at all and its super delicious with yummy chocolate flavour. One who wants to become vegan then this is the best option.

  7. Amit

    Apart from taste everything is good, but can’t get everything in low budget, also vegan is good for overall health,not for strict bodybuilder but for those who goes to gym and need to add extra protein

  8. Vinay V

    This one has a wierd kind of raw vegetable leaves kind of smell, certainly not pleasant. Same taste too. Found it difficult to complete the whole 1kg because of this.There are other better tasting ones for even better price. Go for those instead.

  9. Kshitij chauhan

    This is the first time I ordered plant protein and I must say this is amazing.Flavour is very delicious and for gym goers like me this is perfect. Helps in recovery after workout. Didn’t feel any bloating after use.

  10. Prakhar

    It’s my first protein supplement and I can see a vast difference in my work out…..I used to do push ups for only 20 to 25 in two intervals but after having this I did 60 ups in 3 interval and it just booted me up and I did more running and crunches after having the protein before I cannot do too much running and crunches. Vast difference. And I hope it will give me some good cuts and shapes on my body.

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