Cocosutra-Millet Mocha Crunch Breakfast Granola | 300 g


A bowlful of superfoods with a power packed mocha punch! That’s the Millet Mocha Crunch Granola breakfast cereal for you! All-natural rolled oats, nuts, seeds, coffee  and signature spice blends are mixed and slow roasted to crunchy, yummy perfection. With a handful of dried fruits and dark chocolate tossed in. Dig into our artisanal Millet Mocha Crunch Granola anytime of the day for your daily dose of yumminess!
100% Natural | Lightly sweetened with Jaggery |
High Fiber | Excellent source of Protein & Iron |
Baked | Ready to Eat | Vegan | Gluten Free |
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Additional information

dietary preference

gluten free

Fitness Goal

Endurance, Immunity Booster, Strength Gain


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