DIBHA Berry Nutty Fusion – High in Protein & Fibre 200g


Dibha’s Berry Nutty Fusion trail mix brings you the perfect selection of mixed hazelnut, masala cranberry, masala cherry, masala strawberry and dark choco chips. Snacking becomes healthy and easy with this trail mix. It can make you feel energised at any time of the day. It helps relieve stress, boosts the immune system and aids in weight loss. It also prevents gastrointestinal disorders. This is a storehouse of essential nutrients and a power-packed product.


  1. Superfood crafted for you: each ingredient is individually sourced and combined to bring out that burst of perfect flavour in every mouthful
  2. Rich in antioxidants: packed with antioxidants, this snack is great for your skin and health – get that berrylicious glow
  3. How to eat: eat as a snack, especially when you get sweet cravings. Kids love snacking on them too! Add to salads, smoothies, yogurt, and oats. They go well with everything all good no bad: this superfood contains no artificial additives, no chemicals, no preservatives – just 100% naturally sourced nuts, seeds and berries

Ingredients –

Hazelnut, Masala Cranberry, Masala Cherry, Masala Strawberry, Chocochips

Shelf Life –

6 Months


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