DIBHA Orange Instant Drink Premix – Natural & Healthy 100g

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Presenting zesty orange juice premix with amazing benefits of Vitamin with a tangy sweet taste of Orange! Add, pour, stir and it’s ready to serve. Orange adds a delicious, sweet, sharp and tangy note to any drink blends. Orange is a delightful fruit and is known for its refreshing nature. This drink will transport you to your childhood days and make sure you relish every sip of it, At Dibha’s, we assure that the good products are transported to our customers.



  1. No added preservatives
  2. Ready in one minute
  3. 100% vegetarian
  4. No artificial color
  5. Wholesome, Nutritious & Delicious Drink for kids and adults alike with authentic, honest recipe.

Ingredients –

Sugar, Orange, Malto Dextrin, Acidifying Agent (E296,E300,E330), black Salt, Ginger, Black Pepper, Sweetener (E955), Cumin, Raising Agent(500, 500(ii)), Permitted Natural & Nature Identical Flavor, anti Caking Agent (E551). (All in Powder Form)

Shelf Life –

6 Months

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