DIBHA Watermelon Instant Drink Premix – Hydrates, Rich In Nutrients, 100g

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Presenting summer fresh Watermelon Juice premix to balance your vitals and keep you hydrated in this heat with a sweet taste of watermelon. Along with the refreshing taste you get a lot of health benefits. It is made up of sugar, dextrose, watermelon, maltodextrin, thickening agent, acidifying agent, black salt, cumin and sweetener. All these ingredients are added in a powdered form. The water present helps enhance your appearance. It keeps you hydrated along with the required nutrients. Also restores the electrolytes keeping your system hydrated.


Benefits –

  1. No added preservatives
  2. Ready in one minute
  3. 100% vegetarian
  4. No artificial colour
  5. Wholesome, Nutritious & Delicious Drink for kids and adults alike with authentic, honest recipe.

Ingredients –

Sugar, Dextrose, Watermelon, Malto Dextrin, thickening Agent (E415, E468), Acidifying Agent (E330, E296, E300), Black Salt, Cumin, Sweetener (E955), Anti Caking Agent (E551). (All In Powder Form)

 Shelf Life –

6 Months


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