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  • Biozyme Whey Protein, 4 kg is a Labdoor certified product for accuracy and purity which certifies the product is free from amino spiking, heavy metals etc and has accurate protein content as per claim
  • Biozyme Whey Protein, 4 kg comes with Enhanced absorption formula (EAF) that provides 50% higher protein absorption and 60% higher BCAA absorption when compared to other whey proteins
  • Biozyme Whey Protein, 4 kg by Muscleblaze is India’s first clinically tested Whey Protein product which is proven and tested for Indian bodies
  • Biozyme Whey Protein, 4 kg lowers the stomach discomfort in the consumers due to enhanced protein absorption
  • The product delivers 25g of protein per 33g serving which is roughly 76% protein content and is powered by a combination of Whey Protein Isolate and Whey Protein Concentrate
Per 33gm of 121 servings Contains*

  • 25 gof Protein
  • 5.51 gof BCAA
  • 11.75 gof EAA
  • 4.38 gof Glutamic acid
  • 120.9of Kcal
  • 76.0of Protein % per Serving
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