Organic Spearmint Tea Leaves 50g


Coming all the way from Europe, spearmint is known worldwide for its refreshing, cooling and minty taste. We locked all it’s freshness in a pack and brought it to you as your favorite beverage. The spearmint tea is a wonder herb that reduces unwanted body hairs and hormonal imbalance. Try this spearmint tea recipe; add tea leaves to boiling water along with crushed ginger and squeeze a few drops of lemon and voila! The tea has a pleasant smooth and cooling taste that ensures you smell good all day. Various researches have proven spearmint tea benefits for PCOS because of its anti-androgen effects. Apart from PCOS, the spearmint also aids in acne breakouts as it is anti-bacterial in nature.


Spearmint Tea is the perfect caffeine free herbal brew with no artificial sugars and flavors. It helps you get that fresh breath of confidence. The spearmint tea is highly beneficial for PCOS as it aids in hormonal balance and regularise periods. It is advisable to consume the tea for a month or more to get desired results. There are no spearmint tea side effects if taken in a right amount and dose however, overdose may result in kidney and liver damage.

● Cool and Minty flavor: The cool and refreshing flavor of the spearmint tea suits the throat and freshens the mind.
● Fresh and kissable breath: The cooling effect of the tea prevents bad breath and increases confidence.
● Purifies body toxins: It purifies body toxins and activates your skin’s inner glow and health.
● Boosts Metabolism: It speeds up the digestion process and fastens the metabolism.

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Endurance, Immunity Booster, Strength Gain


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