Organic Tasteful Chamomile Tea for Good Sleep, Blood Sugar and Menstrual Pain.


The Chamomile flowers have been used medicinally for thousands of years by ancient Greek, Roman, and Egyptian cultures. Coming from the plant family Asteraceae, these daisy-like flowers are rich in nutrition and healing properties. It is also referred to as ‘Water of Youth’ because of the numerous chamomile tea benefits. The chamomile flower tea is a good sleep inducing tool, digestive relaxant and an immunity booster. The tea gives out a wonderful floral fragrance when boiled. You must try the centuries old Egyptian Chamomile tea recipe; add the boiling water, pinch of salt, honey and lemon juice to flowers, strain and enjoy!


Our Chamomile flower tea is a perfect blend of health, aroma and taste that you wouldn’t want to miss. It is a 100% organic caffeine free herbal brew with no preservatives. However, if you are allergic to daisies or similar flowers you may witness some chamomile tea side effects. Chamomile tea during pregnancy is considered safe but we recommend consulting a doctor first. It must be noted that this is a herbal and natural product therefore, you must try it for a month (30 days) to witness any change.

● Floral Fragrance: The chamomile tea has a very soothing floral aroma to comfort your mind after a long day!
● Improves Sleep: Chamomile tea induces sleep and aids in insomnia and restlessness.
● Controls Blood Sugar: It controls blood sugar, aids in diabetes and lowers blood pressure.
● Aids in cold and cough: Chamomile tea’s rich vitamin c content helps in cough, cold and congestion.

Additional information

dietary preference

Dairy Free, gluten free, sugar free

Fitness Goal

Endurance, Immunity Booster, Strength Gain


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