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Ruchoks -DIBHA Salted Cashew – Rich in fibre 100g


The Dibha – Honest Snacking Salted Cashew is a perfect snack to munch on in-between the tiresome office hours or add as a side-kick to your morning cereal.

Dibha’s Premium Roasted Cashews is one of the tastiest snacks. With the right tint of salt as you put it in your mouth, it makes you devour it non-stop. Cashew nut is an excellent source of copper, zinc and magnesium. It strengthens your bones as well.

Benefits –

  1. ✔ 100% Natural, Best Quality Roasted And Slightly Salted Cashews At Low Price, Exclusively From Goa,India
  2. Whole Cashew Nuts are 100% vegetarian and vegan – Vegetarian & vegan diets are richer in certain nutrients and have a number of health benefits 3. Rich, buttery and delicious and perfect for making raw cashew milk or snacking. Excellent source of protein, fiber and minerals. Suitable for vegetarians
  3. Cashews are an incredible nutritional powerhouse with Iron, Copper, Zinc, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Selenium. Rice sources of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins
  4. Non-GMO, Gluten free and Zero Trans fat with no added preservatives
  5. Cashew nuts are rich in fibre, heart-healthy fats, and plant protein. Good for an active life style, perfect for snacking

Ingredients –

Cashew & Salt

Shelf Life – 6 Months

Storage Condition –

Please keep in Cool & Dry Place


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