Ruchoks -Nutty Mix-Premium, Rich in Protein, Rich in Fiber 200g


The Dibha Honest Snacking Nutty Mix (100g Tin) contains a power-packed mix of Raisin, Almond, Cashew and Pistachio which proves to be a rich source of nutrients.

A lip-smacking, spicy and tangy mix of nuts packed will leave your mouth watering and craving for more. Roasted to perfection, we have taken the best care to make it appetizing and healthy at the same time. Pop in a handful in the morning to complete your diet quota or have it before bedtime.


  1. Plant-based protein which provides essential amino acids that helps with metabolism, helps eliminate toxins, supports heart health and builds immunity
  2. Improves your digestive health by preventing constipation. It promotes regular bowel movements
  3. Snack on it at any time! A great snack to have before or after a workout, yoga class, sports activities. Healthy snacking option for kids’ lunchboxes. Add to salads, smoothies, yogurt or oats!

Ingredients –

Raisins, Almonds, Cashew & Pistachios

Shelf Life – 9 Months

Additional information


100gm, 200gm


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