TENCHA – Matcha Marine Collagen | Hydrolysed Collagen, Japanese Matcha & Hyaluronic Acid Blend(210 g-30 servings)

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“Unlock Timeless Beauty with Matcha Marine Collagen: Our unique blend combines the goodness of Japanese Matcha, hydrolyzed marine collagen peptides, hyaluronic acid, and essential vitamins A, B7, C, D3, and E. Matcha, rich in antioxidants, shields your body from free radical damage, while marine collagen provides vital proteins and amino acids crucial for collagen formation. Hyaluronic acid ensures skin hydration, and vitamin C enhances collagen absorption.

Premium Hydrolyzed Type 1 Marine Collagen Peptides: Our hydrolyzed type 1 marine collagen boasts an impressive >97% protein content. This special collagen type is broken down into collagen peptides, easily absorbed by the body. These peptides benefit your skin, hair, and nails.

Multivitamin Powerhouse: Our formula is enriched with vitamins A, B7, C, D3, and E, all contributing to collagen support. Vitamin A aids in skin tissue repair, B7 metabolizes amino acids, essential for collagen building, vitamin C defends your skin as an antioxidant and aids collagen absorption. Vitamin D3 reduces inflammation, protecting collagen. Vitamin E maintains collagen structure and offers skin hydration.

Visible Transformation Over Time: Within a week, expect improved skin hydration, hair shine, and stronger nails. In a month, enjoy even skin tone, youthful radiance, and enhanced hair texture. After three months, witness significant reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, new hair growth with reduced breakage, and lasting nail strength.

Complimentary Skincare Guide: Receive a valuable skincare guide from Certified Cosmetologist, Dr. Malika Seerat, packed with expert tips to achieve your best skin ever.

Pure and Certified Marine Collagen: Our hydrolyzed marine collagen undergoes rigorous purity, allergen, toxicity, antibiotic, and heavy metal testing. It’s also Halal and Kosher certified, maintaining a neutral pH.

Elevate Your Beauty Ritual with Matcha Marine Collagen today!”


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