Are you worried about gaining weight but have a sweet tooth?

Well I got everything cover for you in this artical. Which will help you understand how sugarcane juice help can help getting rid of sweet cravings without making you gain weight. Check out now.

If you have a sweet tooth then this is the most delicious drink for you. Sugarcane juice contains the most nutrition compared to all other fruit juices. It cures common cold, fights fever and other infestations. Apart from instantly booting energy, sugarcane has some astonishing benefits like it strengthens the liver. It is a medicine for all kidney problems.

Sugarcane can also relieve constipation. It has a low glycemic index so is recommended for diabetes. All prevent tooth decay and bad breath. It has so many benefits that it wouldn’t be an exaggeration calling it best among all fruit juice. Do not worry about sugar contained in sugarcane due to its natural source of sugar and easily digested by the body. When sugarcane is manufactured into sugar all the good nutritious value vanishes but raw sugarcane is full of nutrients and minerals.

1 . Benefits Of Sugarcane Juice.

Basically sugarcane juice contains a lot of benefits. 250g of sugarcane juice contains 180 calories, 40 gram of carbohydrates, does not contain any fat and also contains iron, potassium, protein, magnesium and calcium. Sugarcane is full of minerals. Sugarcane also contains antioxidants, flavonoids and polyphenol compounds which are extremely good or healthy for our health. Plus it helps in the anti-aging process which can keep you youthful longer and it can help people with urinary tract infection. This is an extremely good intake drink if you’re hungry or in case you’re feeling loss of energy, sugarcane will provide you with energy in just 5 mins. It is also known as energy giver juice especially recommended for athletes and sports players.

Due to high amounts of calcium and phosphorus it also helps in teeth problems like cavities and many more. If you think it’s made of sugar it’s harmful for teeth, no it’s nothing like that it’s the opposite due to high amount of calcium it’s beneficial for teeth. Studies show people suffering from liver problems should consume sugarcane juice because this can detoxify the liver. Sugarcane contains many other more benefits.

2. Which is better: Peeled Sugarcane Or Unpeeled.

In the world 50% like to use peeled sugarcane and the rest 50% like to make juice with the sugarcane skin on or unpeeled. When it comes to the practicality of what you should consume, which is healthier ? Let me get you pros and cons of both the juice techniques.

When it comes to unpeeled canes, there are a few pros that you have to do with unpeeled canes. There is a little more nutritious value in unpeeled cane then peeled sugarcane juice. This is because the skin has some nutrients in it. Research also claims there are anti cancer properties. Also when unpeeled sugarcane is converted into juice it contributes with the color of the juice. The juice will normally take on the color of the skin. For example if you take a bright green sugarcane the juice will most likely come out bright green. Peeled sugarcane on the other hand generally comes out green, dark yellow or yellowish to light green. Sugarcane if peeled contains less nutrients. Unpeeled sugarcane requires much more cleanup and with peeled there is not much clean up needed.

3. Sugarcane Juice For Muscle Building.

When it’s come to muscle building all the protein, nutrition and minerals are very important in your diet. So never consume any packed juice of sugarcane which are available in the market. In order to gain the perfect muscle building diet you have to drink that freshly man made sugarcane juice selled by local sugarcane sellers. Most of the food lacks the amount of antioxidants and sugarcane contains a lot of antioxidants which will help your immune system strong. This can definitely help you to replenish the electronics, sugarcane is high in electronics which will help you to gain glycogen. This juice is extremely or mostly used in summer time.

You should consume sugarcane juice right before your gym training. It will boost your energy within 5 mins which is better than any whey protein drinks normally used by trainers. Plus this will make you feel more active or energetic and will reduce the feeling of fatigue during workout because of natural sugar 30gm. It’s low on glycemic index (glycemic index works to increase insulin ) by drinking sugarcane juice it won’t spike your insulin immediately it won’t go straight into your bloodstream. Due to 14 gram sugar present in sugarcane and 14 gram of fiber will help juice not to go straight into your bloodstream or will not spike your insulin. This is very good for you and beneficial too. Sugarcane is also known as diabetic friendly because of this particular reason, people Suffering from diabetes can also intake sugarcane juice once a week without any problem.

Now let’s talk about sugar overdose. A single class of sugarcane juice contains 30 grams of sugar and you can also say natural sugar. The limitations of sugar depends on person to person. For those who don’t workout and are not active they should keep sugar intake low. Those who workout and are active by working out most of the sugar buns so consuming more sugar is not unhealthy. If you are an active person by doing any kind of physical activity you can consume sugarcane juice 3 to 4 times a week.

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