You are currently viewing Tastiest Instant Chocolate Pancake Mix to sate your cravings

Tastiest Instant Chocolate Pancake Mix to sate your cravings

Are you looking for some tasty yet healthy snacks?

Your search ends here!Instant Chocolate Pancake Mix

What is it?

We all have cravings for something tasty or delicious, especially in the morning or in the afternoon. The problem is, that the choice we make is either too unhealthy or just too bland. We go for either – extremely delicious yet harmful for health or very bland yet nutritious. So obviously the dilemma arises – how do we strike the exact balance between nutrition and taste? Well, put away your thinking tank. You are finally coming across the best possible product. Instant Chocolate Pancake Mix – Tadaaa! 


Yes, it is! Think about it. Something as delicious and lip-smacking as pancakes are your solution! No, I am not bluffing. Well if we consider our traditional Indian food habits, then the breakfasts or snacks that we have are a true concoction of health and taste, but that may not be the case always. We would all agree on that point that our taste buds incline us towards more spicy or fried stuff. We need to get out of that, it is difficult but we need to. We the adults can still deal with not-so-satisfying foods, but for kids, this is indeed a challenge. They want new tastes and variety every day. Parents need to sweat it out, to decide what to offer for breakfast or snacks. Making it extremely challenging to innovate time and again. To make our lives easier, Foodvez has presented us with the wonderful product  Instant Chocolate Pancake Mix. Pancakes? Anyone? Of course, all the hands in the room will be raised! Pancakes are the new trend now. Not just kids, adults and our dear grandpas and grandmoms would love it as well. The best thing is, you can have it at any time. Be it at breakfast, lunch, dinner or evening, Instant Chocolate Pancake Mix can be consumed whenever one wants. 

What’s there inside?

Instant Chocolate Pancake Mix is made with special attention being provided to the nutritional needs of our human body. The Pancake mix is made with ingredients such as wheat, foxtail millets, ragi, almonds, sesame seeds, cocoa, sorghum and jaggery. 

  1. Foxtail millet has a number of positive effects on your health. It helps control your carbohydrate intake, thus keeping your blood sugar levels at bay. Hence, people who are diabetic can release a relaxing breath.
  2. What if I tell you, it also helps you in increasing bone strength and aids in maintaining the nervous system. Foxtail millet contains a good deal of Calcium, phosphorus and iron, hence conditions like brittle bones, and osteoporosis are prevented.
  3. In case you are wondering about vitamins, then I must mention that it contains Vitamin B12 too. Sesame seeds present are responsible for improved nerve transmission and function. If you are wondering what sesame seeds are, then it is “Til”. Zinc, Manganese and lots of Magnesium are what Til brings to the party.
  4. You do not need to worry about the sweetness because instead of sugar Instant Chocolate Pancake Mix contains jaggery. Jaggery is an extremely accurate substitute for sugar. It offers minimal calories while keeping your heart healthy! The presence of almonds is just the icing on the cake! So many essential nutrients and components are present altogether. It indeed is a steal deal altogether.

How to eat?

Pancakes are super easy to make. Take ½ cup of pancake mix and add approximately 1/4th cup of milk to it. If you are game for non-vegetarian options, then you can add one whole egg to the pancake mix and beat the whole mixture properly. Dissipate all the lumps in the mixture. You may add ½ spoon of vanilla essence to the mixture and just a pinch of soda – this will ensure you get the fluffiness. You can make this easily on a pancake maker or a griddle. On a griddle, put some oil and gently pour or scoop the entire batter. It is better to keep the flame in the medium for the best results. High flames might incorporate a burnt texture to the pancakes, which might mar the fun.  Once the pancake is ready, you can add fresh cream, fruits or honey. The fan favourite is a tasty chocolate pancake with cream topped with strawberry. Your loved ones will absolutely love it!

Will purchase this ASAP!

Instant Pancake Mix by Ancient Roots promises the best quality and believes in customer satisfaction to be the top priority. This protein and dietary fibre rich product must be the missing jigsaw that you were looking for. It is not something that you would consume every day, but for a change of taste you can definitely try this out once or twice every week. Being completely natural, there is no compromise made in your health. To have the best taste retention it is advised to transfer the contents into an airtight container immediately after opening. Enjoy!

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