With Vaginal discharge comes various Infections in a women’s body. It’s necessary to take action against discharges of different odour. Talking to a health consultant is often essential & so is one such healthy dosage. Take a look on the top 5 healthy Ayurvedic Tablets to discontinue such discharges.

Vaginal Discharge:

Vaginal Discharge is a mix of fluid and cells from vagina which varies from whitish and sticky to clear and watery, possibly associated with an odour. Vaginal discharge is a normal part of menstrual cycle as it keeps changing up with its progression. When  Vaginal discharge changes it odour it usually can create infection. To cure this unhealthy discharge a proper treatment is required.

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TOP 5 Healthy Ayurvedic Tablets to cure Vaginal discharge:

  1. Gynoveda Soma Ayurvedic Pill

Gynoveda Ayurvedic Pills contains 29 herbs this helps in treating internal swelling which causes the abnormal white discharge also known as PID, Leukorrhea, Candidiasis. These Gynoveda pills treats Itching and swelling. Helps in keeping you away from harmful antibiotics and makes you  feel fresh, clean, dry, all day.

International Research study shows that womens who possess IPSOS around 88% got freedom from abnormal white discharge afterconsuming SOMA Ayurvedic Pills for 90 days. 

Dosage: Take two pills after waking up and before bedtime every day. 100% Natural. No side effects. Prevents Recurence. Lifelong relief.

  1. Plant Based Women’s V-Hygiene Tablets for Abnormal Vaginal White Discharge

Plix provides Women’s V- Hygiene tablets they possess all-natural health supplements that provides you with goodness of different different wellness herbs. These ingredients take provides you  relief from  abnormal vaginal discharge, inflammation, irritation, and discomfort.

This is formed from rich extracts which  includes herbs that posses  anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. Making it effective in  providing relief from common infections which creates inflammation.


  • Herbal extracts like Pomegranate and Lodhra help in cleansing vaginal tract and also make restorative effect on pH levels.
  • Blend of pomegranate extracts and aloe vera with 9 Ayurvedic herbs treats the root cause of abnormal discharge.
  • Curcumin and Aloe Vera treats anti-inflammatory effects. This makes them block the growth of bacteria and help fight fungal or yeast infections that are common causes of abnormal discharge and discomfort.

3. AZo Yeast Plus

Azo Yeast tablets are a  best source for body defences. It is effective in treating all the symptoms of itching and burning associated with vaginal yeast infections. Apart from Itching, it also treats vaginal odor and discharge. 

It works as a defences system against women Vaginal infections.


  • Azo yeast tablets posses Multi-Symptom Formula
  • Provides dual Relief
  • Provides relief from Yeast Infection – Itching & Burning
  • Vaginal Symptom Relief – Occasional Odor & Discharge
  • Works as a great Homeopathic Medicine
  • Usually Lactose Free

4. White Discharge Tea – Helps with White Discharge, Itching, Burning Sensation

Teacurry White Discharge Tea provides a powerful blend of numerous herbs. This helps in providing strength to the body and provides excellent treatment for disorders and edema.

Contains Shatavari which helps in preventing yeast infections and pure fenugreek contains antifungal properties that can help increase white blood cells. WBC are necessary to prevent yeast infection. 

White Discharge Tea packs should be consumed on all days without break. It is delicate on your palate and is available in both forms – White Discharge Tea Bags and White Discharge Loose Leaf. The ingredients provide the perfect blend of White Discharge Tea following all the recommended standards by FSSAI, WHO, and NCBI.


  • Fenugreek, coriander and fennel are rich ingredients helps in preventing vaginal yeast infections and also its reoccurrence.
  • Ashwagandha as its extract helps to boosts strength and immunity.
  • Reduces the flow of white discharge, while boosting metabolism, and purifying the body from toxins and waste.
  • Contains natural mildly sweet taste of tea extracts which are amazingly soothing for senses.

5. Namyaa Shwetkanika for White Discharge

Namyaa Shwetkanika is useful for eliminating unwanted smell, itching and burning Sensation. Namya Shwetkanika is considered as a best ayurvedic solution to treat white discharge. It works  as a long lasting solution. Vaginal discharge is caused due to internal disorder taking Namya Shwetkanika tablets can provide you as a best herbal solution.


  • Helps in treating internal inflammation and infection by maintaining PH level balance.
  • It’s Ayurvedic and free from any harmful chemicals, pesticides ,  fertilizers and other addictive
  • Contains goodness of Ayurvedic herbs and natural extracts of ashoka,  Jeereka, lodhra etc..


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