Chocolates are differentiated as vegan or non-vegan based on the ingredients used to make them. Chocolate is inherently vegan as it is made from Cacao beans, grown on cacao trees. But the enigma is the chocolate-making process. If while making the chocolate, the ingredients which came from animals are added, it can’t be called vegan chocolate. Chocolate lovers are everywhere. Vegan or non-vegan. Everyone wants to eat a chocolate or two once in a while. But vegans have difficulty finding the right bar of chocolate. Because of the few genuine brands selling vegan chocolates, vegan chocolate for chocolate lovers is like a blessing from God.

Vegan communities avoid using ingredients that come from animals in their diet plans. White sugar ( because it includes bone char) and milk derivatives fall under the non-vegan category. Vegan diets are said to be the healthiest diet because of the lack of dairy in it. This is because the saturated fat found in dairy can lead to serious health issues, such as various heart diseases, Type 2 diabetes, certain cancers, etc. 


Vegan chocolate is considered healthier compared to normal chocolates because, unlike normal chocolate, vegan chocolate contains no dairy at all, which is a plus point in itself. Vegan chocolates also have fewer artificial additives. But some vegan chocolate bars are filled with an unusual amount of artificial flavorings, cane sugar, and cocoa butter. 

Regular chocolates are way too sweet for some people because they’re often made by adding sugar or milk to enhance the taste. But it only worsens the nutritional value of the chocolate.

Typically, pure chocolate is used in making vegan chocolates. It contains vitamins, and minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium, copper, potassium, proteins, fibers, and other nutrients which give energy and improves mood. It also contains antioxidants, offering anti_aging properties. 

Few companies produce vegan milk chocolate, the difference being, instead of regular milk, plant-based milk is used, such as almond milk, soy milk, Coconut milk, etc. The vegan chocolates containing the non-dairy kinds of milk also contain their nutrients. Another, non-dairy milk which is used in vegan chocolates is rice milk, which is the best alternative for people having digestive issues.


  1. Healthy blood sugar level – As vegan chocolates don’t contain any sugar it’s the best option for diabetes patients. 
  1. Boost your Mood – Researchers have found that eating vegan chocolate releases serotonin in our body, which is also called the happy hormone.  There’s a reason why cocoa was once called ‘the food of gods’. 
  2.  For the brain – Vegan chocolate also helps improve brain functions, as it has similar properties as caffeine, similar but slower effectiveness than coffee. 
  1. Healthy Heart –  Vegan chocolate is rich in vitamin E, magnesium, and copper. Due to the presence of antioxidants, vegan chocolate helps improve blood cholesterol levels. Magnesium ensures good blood flow, and copper ensures that the blood cells have sufficient oxygen.
  1. Presence of nutrients- Vegan chocolate is full of nutrition, vitamins, such as vitamin C and E, minerals such as magnesium, copper, iron, etc. These high nutritions help fight several health issues.


You can buy high-quality vegan chocolate bars at Foodvez. Foodvez specializes in healthy, nutrition-based products. Foodvez offers a good variety of vegan chocolate bars. Some of the best selling vegan chocolates for chocolate lovers are given below- 

  • PAPERLEAF Raspberry Cinnamon Dark Chocolate: 

Don’t miss out on this vegan dark chocolate bar made with rich cocoa, crunchy freeze-dried raspberry, and cinnamon. This vegan chocolate bar is gluten-free and dairy-free, with no added sugar and artificial preservatives. This bar is 100% plant-based with all-natural ingredients. There are no artificial colors and flavors added, so you can taste the original delicious taste of dark chocolate. This vegan dark chocolate gives high endurance, improves immunity, and gives strength. Rich in antibiotics and nutrition it’s a perfect snack for a busy day. With 60% cocoa content present, it is a nice addition to your daily evening snacks.

60% Dark Chocolate – Raspberry Cinnamon (50g) | 100% Plant-Based | Bean to Bar | Gluten Free

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  • PAPERLEAF Vegan Mylk Chocolate- Zesty Orange: 

This healthy bar of vegan milk chocolate is a perfect alternative to dairy-based milk chocolate. This vegan chocolate is made with raw sugar, cocoa (both cocoa butter and cocoa solids), smooth ground hazelnuts and cashew nuts, refreshing orange zest, and permitter emulsifier (Sunflower Lecithin E322), and natural vanillin and orange extracts. This dairy-free and gluten-free vegan bar of chocolate act as an immunity booster. A perfect snack for adults leading a stressful life, because eating chocolates release serotonin in our body, the happiness hormone. 

Vegan Milk Chocolate – Zesty Orange (50g) | 100% Plant-Based | Gluten Free | Stone Ground

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