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Gut Health Supplements

What is Gastrointestinal Tract or ‘Gut Health’

The gastrointestinal tract or gut is the most vital part of the animal body. The gastrointestinal tract is the passageway from the mouth to the anus. It is the passage of the digestive system. The gut system or gastrointestinal tract should be well functional to keep the body active. If a malfunction occurs in the digestive system the whole body responds poorly. The esophageal, stomach, and intestines are contained in the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, ‘gut health’ is the balancing function of the bacteria in the digestive system.

So when the three major digestive organs ,i.e the esophagus, stomach, and the intestines respectively do not work properly digestion gets problematic which is called the digestive disease. A healthy lifestyle is essential to developing a healthy digestive system. However, consuming a few nutrients formula also can be helpful in regards to maintaining ‘gut health’.

Digestive Supplements

Here is a list of top four supplements to get a healthy digestive system:

1. Kapiva Digesti Fibres

2. A Complete Gut Health- Probiotic+ Prebiotic Fibre

3. Oziva Superfood greens and Herbs

4. Traya Gut Shuddhi

Let’s get to know in details about these most used and doctor’s recommend healthy supplements.

1. Kapiva Digesti Fibres

Kapiva Digesti Fibres contain Gond and Oat which are rich in fiber.

  • This supplement is good especially for weight management.
  • Rich fiber present in it keeps the stomach full and prevents from unhealthy overeating.
  • Along with a good digestive system it keeps the body away from bloating.
  • This is also an effective solution for constipation and promotes comforting bowel movement.

How to Use :

Kapiva Digesti Fibres contains rich wholesome fibres (Oat, Gond and Chicory root fibre) Ishabgul that minimize the risk of digestive disease. It is very easy to make. A sachet of 5gm Kapiva Digesti Fibres should be mixed in a glass of lukewarm or normal water until it blends properly. One can drink it regularly one time in a day for better result.

2. A Complete Gut Health- Probiotic+ Prebiotic Fibre

The probiotic element in it helps the stomach acid to survive so that it can break down foods into smaller units. This makes better digestion.

  • The probiotic reaches deeply into the intestines and works directly and works effectively.
  • Regular intake of Probiotic and Prebiotic fibers strengthens the gut healthy.
  • It provides good bacteria in the digestive system.

How to Use:

This supplement is very easy to consume as it does not take much time to prepare and it tastes as green apple with mint flavour. Dissolution of One tablet in 250ml water per day is enough to maintain a healthy digestion process.

3. Oziva Superfood greens and Herbs (Supergreens powder with Chlorella, Spirulina) for detox and digest

Oziva Superfood greens and Herbs is a super healthy drunk based on plants. This drink contains whole food multivitamins as well as 34 Detox ingredients, 8 Alkalizing greens and 10 immunity herbs.

  • It improves the immune systems.
  • Promotes well functioned digestive system.
  • This supplement aids detox and decontaminates the body.
  • And lastly this natural product improves the overall gastrointestinal passageway.

How to Use:

Oziva Superfood greens and Herbs contains most essential natural elements such as, Moringa, Triphala, Amla et cetera. All these elements highly beneficial to maintain a good digestion system. It is easier to use than several other products. Just 2 scoops (8 gm) of Oziva Superfood greens and Herbs should be mixed in 200 ml water and that’s all.

4. Traya Gut Shuddhi

It is a plant-based herbal product that provides relief regarding various digestive problems.

  • It works as a natural laxative and cures constipation.
  • It helps digest food properly.
  • This is a herbal anti toxin supplement that cleanses undigested edibles.
  • To cure low gut motility Traya Gut Shuddhi is greatly effective.

How to Use:

Being a source of multiple benefits, doctors often recommend to use it by taking one tablet each day after having meals.

So, digestive problems can be curable by consuming these supplements. But they alone cannot be helpful until the lifestyle is healthy. And of course, visiting a doctor is necessary before taking any of these products. So, good luck with a healthy digestive system and enjoy your foods.

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