Vegan diet-healthiest diet.

H1 how did the vegan diet start?

It all started with the apes. When they used to consume plant food. It has been observed that the people from central Africa have been eating over 200 and 100 plants and a variety of fruits respectively. These plants were really low in fat and had very less calories.

A large number of apes continued eating these plants and fruits for a very long time. A vegan diet is very healthy for humans it can help us avoid a lot of health problems. The The main pitfall of following a vegan diet is they chose not to consume any kind of supplements that contain meat of fish products. And so, along with meat and fish they eliminate suppliments too. These supplement are beneficial for for health.

H2 Benefits of following a vegan

Vegan diets can result in greater weight loss as compared to other diets.A vegetarian diet is segregated into three parts.-Laco-vegetarian diet Lacto-vegan The word Lacto refers to milk and so the lacto-vegan diet not only includes all fruits and plant-based vegetables but also dairy products such as milk, cheese, goat milk, butter, etc.

They follow this kind of diet mostly for ethical or environmental reasons.-Lacto-Ovo vegetarian. The word ovo refers to eggs and so Lacto-ovo vegetarians include eggs but they do not eat or drink dairy products like milk, cheese, butter, etc.-Vegans All the 3 vegetarian diets have fruits and vegetables common in them.

A vegan diet eliminates all non vegetarian products i.e. products which include meat, fish, non-veg products. They do not consume any lacto product or any ovo product. That means they do not include meat, eggs, milk, wood, leather, butter, or cheese.H2 Reduces hypertension Eating plants reduces hypertension.

As vegetables and fruit are low in carbs. They help in reducing blood pressure and so it has a low risk of heart diseases. Reduces heart diseases up to 25% and cancer up to 15%. Usually, blood pressure and heart diseases are treated by medication. Fruits and vegetables can reduce the use of medication to a very high extent. They are rich in potassium which also makes them cholesterol-free.

H2 Is beneficial for the heart.

Fruits and vegetables contain generous minerals and fibers in them which makes them a complete perfect source for the heart. Fruits and vegetables help to reduce the low blood pressure and will help in reducing the LDC which is the bad cholesterol.

H2 what happens when you start eating a vegan diet.

Switching to a vegan diet will help you to lose weight as it contains maximum fibers and fills up your stomach without even adding extra fat.A bowl of fiber-based food of around 40 grams is enough for a day. Fats containing meat clog your pores. Continuously consumption of vegetarian food will kill the urge of eating junk food. Starting a vegan diet becomes a little harder at the start. You feel hungry, you start eating after mini intervals, you start feeling more hungry than usual, etc. After a few weeks, you notice drastic changes in yourself. You tend to look more fit, you have clear skin, and you will feel your metabolism increasing. You’ll tend to be active most of the time and will not feel tired very fast.

H2 Meat is not suitable for the human digestive system.

In school, We have studied that we need to chew our food at least 25 times before swallowing it. Chewing food will help in the process of digestion.If you look at your elementary canal it is six times the length of your body which will be approximately 24 to 30 feet.

If you Cook the vegetables it will take you at least 25 hours and if you eat raw vegetables it will take you around 12 hours to get digested. If you cook your meat well, it will approximately take 56 hours to get digested. If you eat raw meat it will at least take you 75 hours to digest it.

When you keep consuming meat you face the digestion problem and that is when we opt for the ayurvedic solution. The first thing that the ayurvedic solution will do is will clean your colon. To stay healthy you need to have your colon clean. It is a symbol of health.

By eating this you can never keep your colon clean. Colon cancer and interstinal cancer are all caused because you’re eating food that is not appropriate for your system.

H2 Important pitfall

The important pitfall of a vegan diet is vitamin deficiency. Which is connected with nutrients and increases the risk of deficiency like vitamin B-12. Another name for vitamin B-12 is cobalamin. Cobavalin is found in animal meat which is important for cell division. This deficiency can give rise to many consequences like nephrological, etc

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vegan diet is the healthiest diet.

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