What is this multi-grain: Quinoa?

What is quinoa?

Quinoa is a plant that belongs to an amaranth family. This plant was first cultivated in South Africa. When this plant grows as a crop that contains all edible seeds. These seeds are rich in Nutrients, proteins, different fibers, and Vitamin B.

Just the way we have different grains like rice, wheat, moong, etc we have another grain which is called quinoa. This is not exactly a grain but it is a multigrain which can be an alternative to rice. This multigrain can any day be better than rice as quinoa contains 5 grams more and double the proteins that white rice serves. They have much more nutrients and fibers than normal white rice. It is mainly made out of a plant named Chenopodium.

Types of quinoa

-White quinoa

Contains generous rich sources of fibers, It is filled with quality nutrients. It has a very light texture with a delicate taste. When you cook quinoa it turned out to be fluffier than red and black quinoa. It prevents many heart diseases and lowers the chances of diabetes as it contains antioxidants.

-Red quinoa

Helps in adding healthy tissues to the body, it contains a generous amount of lysine, which helps in keeping the tissues healthy. It contains all the important vitamins, minerals, and proteins. It is a completely gluten-free diet. Red quinoa is an alternative to writing but it is still used in baking grains or can be added to your salad.

-Black quinoa

Is naturally Black which makes it attractive. It has all the nutritious values in them which adds a great flavor to it. They are a great source of protein also because it contains lactose in it, which helps the victims of lactose intolerance. It has rich fibers with a very low amount of calories in it. Vegetarians who skip the meat and so skip all the proteins can eat and gain proteins through this multigrain.

-Out of all three quinoa, Red quinoa is the best and has more benefits as compared to the other colors. It has a very high number of antioxidants as compared to other colors of quinoa. It helps to avoid many heart problems and contains all the nutrients, proteins, and vitamins in them.

What makes this multigrain so beneficial?

-Quinoa is a complete protein and is different from other plant-based food. It contains all nine amino acids in them. These acids are essential for the body. They can’t be stored or produced by your body. These acids are of great help when it comes to building proteins. These amino acids help in building protein which your body, bones, teeth, and skin get stronger and become better.

-It is a gluten-free multigrain too. Refined grains peel out all the nutrients, minerals, proteins that are present and so choosing whole grains over refined grains is important.

-Quinoa is a whole grain that as result helps to lower the risk of cancer, different types of heart diseases, etc.

-This gluten free multivitamin contains Dietary-fibers. Fibers help in forming bulk into the stool which results to solve problems like constipation. Due to the presents of fibers, this will help to get rid of constipation.

Benefits of this multigrain.

-Helps to lose weight

Quinoa contains a very low amount of calories in it. People who try to lose weight but always fail even after dieting or doing proper workouts might often feel short of a multi grain in their diet. This multi-grain contains fibers which in result will help to keep your stomach full for a longer period. This as result will help to lose weight.


Most the food includes gluten in them. People, especially children who might have allergies to consuming gluten or might be gluten intolerant can be beneficial for them. A gluten-free diet includes grains like wheat, barley, etc. These grains are beneficial, but quinoa is a different multi-grains. They contain a double amount of nutrients and proteins which are all the more beneficial for one.

-develops your metabolism.

Quinoa contains a huge number of manganese in them. Manganese is essential so that it can develop metabolism in your body. Due to manganese, the enzymes in your body help to support your body.

-prevents health problems

Consuming quinoa can prevent numerous damage. It helps in controlling your blood sugar level, it lowers the risk of many other heart diseases and diabetes. It protects your organs from different damages.


Quinoa is easy it cook. If you belong to a very busy family or you are someone who doesn’t have time to eat breakfast then this multigrain is perfect for you. It hardly takes 15-20 minutes to get cooked in boiling water. They can be consumed as your breakfast or can be added to your salad. It contains different fibers and nutrients which makes it beneficial for several things.

Quinoa helps you to keep your stomach full and does not make you feel the feeling of hungriness very fast. Since it is gluten-free and is a multi vitamin it can be consumed instead of White rice. Additionally, it has more benefits than what white rice serves.

What is this multi-grain: Quinoa?

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