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It is true when they say that breakfast is the most essential meal of the day. And protein is the most vital component you should add to your breakfast. Even though there is a limit of 15 to 30g per day, the more protein you consume, the better. Instead of the normal breakfast which is packed with sugar, sodium, and carbohydrates, opt for a breakfast full of protein.

Adding protein to your breakfast will not only keep you full till lunchtime but will also benefit you, nutritionally. It is also the perfect option if you are a fitness enthusiast. There are so many recipes and foods that are packed with protein. From eggs and yogurt to salmon and beans, here are some breakfast ideas to increase your protein intake.


Yes! Pancakes can be converted into a healthy meal. For this, grab a bunch of bananas and some peanut butter, and you are good to go. Peanut butter is packed with proteins, while bananas give your meal the much needed nutrients and fiber. As a healthier alternative, switch your regular syrup with yogurt. And don’t forget to add some nuts for a twist of crunch.


Eggs are a breakfast staple and so is cheese. So why not combine them to make something you will enjoy as well. Making sandwiches is the easiest breakfast recipe. Just take a few eggs and loads of cheese. You can also, add some flavor by adding meat and other spices. As you already know eggs are called high-protein foods. As for cheese, it is also rich in protein, and other nutrients. If you are someone who likes eggs then this idea is a cherry on top.


Tofu serves as the perfect alternative to eggs, so if you are a vegetarian or even a vegan, this dish is perfect for you. Tofu is also rich in calcium, iron, magnesium, and zinc. Adding veggies to your tofu will increase the nutrient value even more. Just mash some tofu and saute the veggies, mix, and you’re done. You can eat it with potatoes, or even a roti. This tasty meal will not only provide the essential nutrients but also will help you control your early morning hunger pangs.


Smoothie bowls are super tasty breakfast meals if you are not a fan of heavy meals. Smoothie bowls mainly contain fruits like blueberries, strawberries, and bananas. Add some of these fruits to some protein powder, and throw in little nuts for a crunchy taste. You can also add hemp seeds or flack seeds for more nutritional benefits. Keep in mind to look for a powder which has a maximum of 5g of sugar.


Another egg recipe with exotic flavors is fried Turkish eggs. The recipe is really easy to make and is extremely hassle-free. Select your favorite veggies and saute them until they are soft. After that add two to three eggs, and finish your dish with some yogurt or lemon juice, and salt. The combination not only tastes delicious but is also a great addition to your healthy diet.


A popular Indian traditional dish, Dalia is high in fiber and protein. It can be cooked in a variety of ways. Along with a power dose of energy in the mornings, Dalia also promotes weight management. It is mostly recommended for people who are sick and for growing children. Adding chicken or a few2 vegetables to it, will increase its calorific value. Also you can prepare it along with oatmeal for a more healthier effect.


If you are someone who is constantly on the go, then this dish can be an absolute favorite. By using just three ingredients, your protein-filled breakfast will be ready. Not to forget, it can also be quite fulfilling. Mix a big scoop of Greek yogurt and your choice of fruit in a big bowl. Garnish it with a handful of nuts. This perfect pairing of the rich ingredients is a great head-start to your day, as it ensures you are in time and also has several nutritional benefits.


Another breakfast catch for all the vegans and vegetarians is avocado toasties. These are extremely easy to make and are also favored by your taste buds. It is a plant-based meal and is filled with loads of protein. You can make it with a loaf of multigrain bread, mashed avocado mixed with some seasoning, sliced tomatoes, and sesame seeds for garnishing. Avocados are in trend these days and can be eaten with almost every kind of meal, be it a burrito bowl or a salad. Eating with a slice of bread will only make it tastier than ever.


Plant-based breakfasts are not only in trend these days but can also be consumed by everyone. Instead of yogurt, use vanilla almond milk in this particular dish to add some flavor to your breakfast. Add your choice of fruit, some chocolate for some fun, toasted almonds, and the crux of this dish- muesli. This recipe filled with protein is an ideal summer recipe as it is an effortless and cool dish. Eating anything warm in summer can be a hassle, this is when a muesli bowl comes in handy.


Deciding what to have for breakfast every day can be tough. And it is even more difficult to keep in mind the protein intake as well as the nutritional values. To reduce your everyday struggles, we have given you 9 food ideas that are not only hassle-free to make but can also be great additions to your diet.

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