Is only walking help us in loosing weight?

Yes ofcourse , with consistent walking every day ( 45 min) we can loose weight.

Walking helps you in loosing weight

In human history, walking to loose weight wasn’t a thought that crossed Human minds, but walking helps you in loosing weight.

Walking and running were merely transportation methods, the only means of getting from one place to another. These days, that’s no longer the case for most of us.

. A small changes in the daily routine by replacing small distances with walk can improve health in long run.

Walking replaced with transportation methods

We are more likely to rely on a car, train, or bus to get you where you need to go. And on top of desk jobs and long hours, there are even fewer opportunities in the day to walk anywhere for any reason.

But, benefits of walking go far beyond just benefitting the number on the scale. In fact, research suggests that walking can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and also improve longevity.

. Engineering researchers have found in a study that walking at varying speeds can burn up to 20 percent more calories compared to maintaining a steady pace.

Why walking is important

Walking comes in handy when it comes to preventing chronic disease, but if you’re also thinking can you lose weight by walking, the answer is also yes.

“Taking up walking on a regular basis can help reduce weight while also improving joint, hip, and knee pain,” it improves lubricant in the joints which results in lowering the joint pains.

Things to keep in mind while you start off for walking

  • Drink plenty of water before and after walking.
  • Keep a tracker to body to check how many steps/ calories burnt
  • Create a playlist to enjoy your jog/ walk.
  • find a walking buddy if you can’t walk alone
  • walk briskly
  • Wear garments which are sweat absorbable.
  • Carry some snack if in case needed
  • Try change places inorder to enjoy walking.
  • Walk in uneven terrain to change your pace.

over all, free your body accordingly to your walk this increases the flexibility.The body Posture can also be improved in due time of walking.

Walking helps you in loosing weight

. Check out some more tips in this blog.

Some multiple studies confirm that walking promotes weight loss( loose weight) , especially when combined with a low calorie diet.

. 500-calorie deficit per day is sufficient for most people looking to lose weight. You can burn some of these calories by walking an hour per day.In this way walking helps you in loosing weight.

A person should aim to increase the regularity of their walking, as well as the number of miles or steps they take each day. Try adding in some intensity a few days a week with faster walks or increased inclines.

. Squeezing in even just five minutes of stretching after your walk can improve range of motion and prevent injury. Move muscle recovery along by taking at least five minutes to do some static stretching, which involves moving a muscle or joint as far as it can go and then holding it for a period of time.

Static stretches like a quadriceps stretch, hamstring stretch and tricep stretch are all examples that can help provide relief and relaxation of the muscles after your walk.

. Overall, along with walking , a healthy diet should be followed which comprise of nutrients in order to balance the weight.

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. Even for some health issues, doctors recommend walking mainly for problems like PCOD/PCOS, obesity,cardiac problem, bone health related issues.

Along with walking, try intake some supplements to have quick recovery.for example, for PCOD

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