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Did you know Chia Seeds can prevent constipation?

We know how constipation hampers our daily activities

Not anymore, because the secret is going to unfold soon! – Chia Seeds.

Chia Seeds? What is that?

Umm, never heard of Chia Seeds? No problem, it’s okay. It may not be so popular as of now in our country, but without a doubt, it is gaining fame and might be one of the hottest topics in the coming days. Well, you might be surprised if I tell you that the consumption of Chia seeds dates back to around 3500 B.C. You don’t have to be superb in mathematics to estimate that human civilization has been witnessing them for over 5500 years! Let that sink in. Archaeologists suggest that Chia seeds happened to be one of the staple foods of Aztecs as well! Coming out of the History class, it is quite evident by now that this superfood has the ability to throw punches. Small, oval seeds having a diameter of 2 milli-metres at the most are under the limelight.

Helps in Constipation? Tell me more.

Constipation is one of the most prevalent ailments that our generation has as a result of the lifestyle we are living now. Everything can add subtly to the aggregation of the problem, whether it’s poor meal intake, bad eating habits, stress, worry, or a disrupted sleep cycle. One of the key causes is a lack of adequate fibre in our diet. We’ve grown accustomed to relying on high-carbohydrate or sugar-rich drinks, deep-fried snacks, and canned and ready-to-eat meat. Taking an adequate amount of fluids and fibre seems to be missing out badly from the diet of most of us.

Chia Seeds are extremely rich in fibres (Both Soluble and Insoluble fibres). It is highly beneficial for digestion and takes care of intestinal health too. The major reason why Chia seeds are such an effective remedy for constipation is that the fibre is mucilage based. This brings on a gel-like consistency to the digested food and ensures that the stool formation is on the softer side. Another magnificent fact about Chia Seeds is that it has the ability to swell when they absorb water in humongous volumes. So, naturally, this will guarantee that your mission to the loo is successful! 

Nice! I need to buy this.

Foodvez knows you will be fascinated by coming across the wonders of Chia Seeds, hence it has the perfect product in store for you –  Organic Chia Seeds. This is the missing jigsaw of your stay-fit puzzle.  Organic Chia Seeds have raw seeds and are devoid of any bleach or other chemicals, hence as the name suggests, it is completely organic. Special attention is provided so that it causes no side effects to the human body. Brought in, directly from the farms, commitment to the delivery of fresh and natural products is the first and foremost priority. 

Is there more?

Yes obviously! It isn’t called a superfood for no reason.  Organic Chia Seeds contain a whole load of essential nutrients, required for the proper execution of bodily functions. The protein content is extremely high too. On a rough estimate, just two tablespoons of Chia Seeds can provide you with about 4.8gm of protein! 

  1. Organic Chia Seeds can help you out if your goal is to shed some weight. There are a number of products in the market, which will help sway the pointer to the left of the weighing scale, but it comes with a price. You might not be getting the proper nutrition in the quest of losing weight.  Organic Chia Seeds ensure your nutritional needs are met as well as you shed weight. Sounds a bit ridiculous? Let’s clear the air a bit more.
  2. It has Protein, containing all the nine Amino Acids that are not produced inside our body. So, it is indeed filling, but at the same time due to its swelling capability, it diminishes the appetite and food intake overall. Hence, although the body is not missing out on anything, hunger has subsided.
  3. The health of bones and joints is taken care of as well since Chia seeds contain a good amount of Calcium, Magnesium and other trace elements namely Copper and Zinc.
  4. Organic Chia Seeds contain high amounts of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which help in lowering cholesterol. Alpha-Linolenic Acids (ALA) reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, thus promoting a healthy heart. 

Shall order ASAP!

Organic Chia Seeds presents you with a wide array of choices to consume. It can be even taken raw, there is no problem at all. Sprinkling them on top of Smoothies, Yoghurt, pudding or mixing with Protein Shakes – absolutely your choice! If you prefer having Chia Seeds with salad, stews, bread or cereals, that’s a great choice too! There’s one thing that remains constant – Three Cheers for Chia!

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