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Chocolate Proteins? Trust Cocoa Protein Shakes

Cocoa powder protein shakes are unusually healthy options. You can opt for this delicious drink after an intense workout session. Though, protein shakes may not work in your favour in case you take it the wrong way in your body. Cocoa powder adds flavour to the protein shakes. Moreover what is noticeable here is it makes your shake free from unwanted calories. 

Opting for healthy protein shakes requires you to look for the ingredient very carefully. Otherwise, you will end up gaining more weight rather than shedding extra kilos. Now we need to start from the base, so choosing the healthy ingredient to help in protein building in your body is the task. We will explore more in detail in this blog. Let’s dive in quickly to make the yummiest protein shakes ever.

Are Cocoa powder protein shakes not healthy?

People generally have this misconception about cocoa powder, that they add more calories to your protein shake. However, the irony is they add zero calories to your drink. If you are a fan of chocolate flavour, and you don’t want to indulge in unhealthy options.

Prefer adding cocoa powder to protein shakes. Though, does it sound like adding chocolate ever helps in maintaining a healthy diet? The answer will always be no. However, surprisingly we can enjoy the chocolate flavour without beating our healthy regime with cocoa powder.

It’s time that we don’t fall for misconceptions. We should not believe every statement that we hear. Hence, cocoa powder is not at all unhealthy. Instead, we must add these cocoa powder protein shakes to our daily routine. Drinking them post intense workout sessions will enhance your immune system to work harder to have the perfect body.

5 Best Cocoa Protein Powder to Add in Protein Shakes: 

Protein shakes can be of different flavours, brands and pricing. It is pivotal to check the ingredients first before making any protein shakes. In addition, cocoa powder is the main key ingredient here. So always opt for protein powder or food items that have cocoa powder in them. Moreover, you can always try your hand at basic food items at your home to fill up the protein requirements. Though, finding a suitable protein powder will make the job easy. So we have curated some of the finest protein powders containing cocoa powder below. Check them out!

Optimum Nutrition (ON) Gold Standard Powder:

Try ON protein powder to make your body full of nutrients. You can intake these On protein shakes in the morning, before and after a workout for best results. Mix one scoop of this powder with milk or water and stir. You are good to drink it. 


  • Finest protein source
  • Full of amino acids to boost muscles
  • Builds lean muscles and boosts bodybuilding

Zedon Nutrition Solid Mass Gainer Supplement Powder: 

You will regret not adding this supplement to your protein shake. It is commendable for energizing your day with some weight gain. Preparing to build your body with protein and vitamins, have these supplements. The interesting layer of zedon powder is that it has no trans fat plus zero cholesterol.


  • Better digestion
  • Boost healthy nutrients in the body
  • Gives energy all-day

Labrada Turbo Whey Chocolate Protein Powder:  

Looking for a quick recipe for a protein shake then mix 1 spoon of Labrada powder in water or milk. Next, it’s ready to drink. One of the finest protein powders in chocolate flavours which works wonders for sportspersons, dieters or fitness enthusiasts.


  • Incredible for athletes, bodybuilders, etc
  • Builds muscles 
  • Enhanced creatine

MuscleTech Nitrotech 100% Whey Protein Powder:

You are looking for protein shakes that focus more on lean muscle building. This MuscleTech protein powder is fab in making lean muscle growth extra speedy and powerful. This is packed with nutrients which feed your muscles for a longer period. Furthermore, this MuscleTech powder contains no added filler and is gluten-free. You can try them in three different flavours and relish them with shakes.


  • Helps in lean muscle building
  • Boost the recovery from fatigue
  • Fast absorption

Nutrabay Gold 100% Whey Protein Isolate Powder:

This Nutrabay is manufactured especially for muscle building, growth and recovery. It contains enzymes to stimulate digestion. Moreover, it has the best quality ingredients with unusual flavours that make you drink this shake more. Nutrabay protein powder is full of BCAAs and Glutamic acid. To fight against diseases, this Nutrabay protein powder works marvellously. To make the shake, it’s the same formula. Mix a scoop of this powder with milk or water in a shaker and be ready to relish. This Nutrabey protein shake works best when taken in the morning, at bedtime, pre or post-workout.


  • Full protein source for making muscles
  • Rapid muscle recovery and growth 
  • Quick digestion with high absorption
  • Flavorful
  • Stimulates immunity 

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