Is divine nutrition FDA approved?

Well, yes, divine nutrition is a well-known Indian brand set up under the name Sahil Khan, has been approved by FDA and FSSAI.

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Why Divine Nutrition?

Why do you think it’s a brand which is so famous and people are willing to buy their products? The answer is very simple to this question. Divine nutrition simply is based on those who are fitness enthusiasts. They make sure to make your fit and fine with the best diet plan they can provide according to your need.

The products are studied thoroughly and the result made by it has made the consumers happy and satisfied. They offer you the best nutrition in the whole of India. The products are made just for you so they make sure you know what the ingredients are without any hesitation.

Why chose the product?

  1. Scientists have researched and approved it.
  2. Fully transparent, they don’t hide anything from the consumers.
  3. Provides the best nutrients.
  4. Different types of products are available.

A brief introduction to FDA

Now what is FDA and why is it so important? FDA, Food and Drug Administration, secures the safety and security and efficacy of human and veterinary drugs, biological products and medical devices. It is important because they make sure that drugs work on children as well and not on adults only. They also determine the dosage a child needs.

Products of divine nutrition.

 Prolant Multivitamin: This multivitamin product contains a mixture of 27 vitamins and minerals. It helps in improving both mental and physical health. Helps you achieve daily micronutrient requirements and an active lifestyle. It boosts immunity! It is recommended that; you take one tablet with food. Has Korean Ginseng which helps you focus on your work, and improves concentration power and alertness.

Prolant multivitamin

Hunk Gainer (gold): The product hunk gainers are high in calories and is a mixture of whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate. It helps increase your overall calorie intake, and also it helps in gaining muscle weight. It contains a composition of protein, carbohydrate and creatine monohydrate; which is considered to be good for your bones and muscles. Also has vitamins and minerals and also prevents bloating of your stomach. Hunk gainer should be taken 1 time in a day and should be consumed with a proper diet.

Hunk gainer

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